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Parkland Shooter Will Serve Life Imprisonment


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Without a parole in connection. Nikolas is to be sentenced a life imprisonment. Obviously, the Florida School Shooter. That is, with the shooting death of 17 students at Parkland’s Marjory S. Stoneman Douglas High School. The sentence comes after the jury decided Thursday. There was an unanimous disagreement. In relation to, whether the shooter should be executed.

Following a seven-hour deliberations that last 2 days. Hence, is when the verdict was made. The verdict concluded the three-month trial. A trial which included photographs, graphic videos, witnesses from the massacre as well as the aftermath. The heart-wrenching testimonies from the families of victims. Furthermore, an insider’s tour of the blood-splattered building.

According to Florida law for death sentences, there must be the unanimous approval of the minimum of one charge. The Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer will formally issue the life sentences in November. 1.

Cruz with his hair in a messy unkempt state. Thus, was seated hunched over. Apart from this, gazed at the courtroom as the jury’s findings were read. Packed with more than three dozen spouses is the family section. The parents along with other families of victims – when the sentences of life were handed down. A lot of people shook their heads. Also, shook their heads in anger or covered their eyes.

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Cruz 24 years old, Cruz has pleaded guilty of murdering 14 students. As well as three staff members. Also, injuring 17 others on February 14 in 2018. Cruz stated that he picked Valentine’s Day to make it impossible for Stoneman Douglas students. Obviously, to celebrate the holiday in the future.


The shooting is the most fatal mass shooting ever to have been tried before in the U.S. Nine other people were killed in this U.S. who fatally shot at least 17 victims died. Within, or shortly after their shootings through suicide or gunfire from police. One suspect from the massacre of 23 people at the El Paso, Texas, Walmart. Hence, is in the process of the trial.

The lead prosecutor Mike Satz kept his case easy for the seven-man jury of five women. He focused on the eight months of planning. Furthermore, the seven minutes in which he wandered through the corridors of a three-story building. Particularly, for classrooms shooting 140 rounds with an AR-15-style semiautomatic gun, and then his escape.

He showed security videos of the incident and also displayed gruesome crime scenes and autopsy pictures. Students and teachers testified about witnessing others suffer. Blood-Stained & Pocked with bullets, hence the jury was taken to a secure building. Parents and spouses made emotional and angry testimony.


Cruz’s, the Parkland Shooter chief lawyer Melisa McNeill and her team have never doubted the adversity the man caused. However, they insist on the fact that his mother’s habitual drinking throughout pregnancy left him with a condition. Its a condition known as fetal alcohol spectrum. Their experts said his bizarre, troubling and sometimes violent behaviour starting at age two. As attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder was obviously the misdiagnosis. Thus, meaning he never got the proper treatment. The result was that his adoptive mother devastated, they claimed.

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Cut into half was the case of the defence. Thus, calling only 25 of the witnesses they said they would call. They did not mention Cruz’s, the Shooter, time in high school or even mentioned his half-brother. The younger brother, Zachary, whom they claimed was a bully.

In response, Satz and his team claimed that Cruz, Parkland Shooter didn’t suffer from fetal alcohol-related damage. However, he suffers from anti-social personality disorder. In simple terms, he’s a sociopath. Their witnesses claimed that Cruz claimed to have suffered brain damage. Especially, during tests and claimed that Cruz could control his behaviour but decided not to. They referred at his work as a cashier. Never disciplined as a cashier in a retail outlet store either.

Prosecutors also played a variety of videos of Cruz. Hence, discussing the case with mental health professionals in which he discussed his plan and motivation.

Molested sexually was Cruz, the Parkland Shooter. Obviously, is what the defence claimed on interrogation. Apart from this, was raped by his neighbour who was 12 at the age of nine.

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