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Tommy Lee Nude Photo On Social Media Provoked Many People


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The rocker Tommy Lee’s penis was once was again open for the public to look at. However, this time it seems to be his preference.

The Motley Crue drummer who is 59, shared an all-frontal nude photo on Instagram. Furthermore, on Facebook as well on Thursday. “Ooooopppsss,” he captioned the photo.

The image, which features the naked Lee standing on the edge a bathtub. Hence, was taken off the social networks. It’s unclear. However, whether he or the social media sites took the photo down.


While the picture was on the internet Lee’s wife, Brittany Furlan wrote a post on the image by saying “OH My God.”

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Lee’s nude photo was online for over four hours. Hence, as per Newsweek which is why it caused outrage among those calling the double standard. Especially, when it comes to Meta’s social media platforms’ guidelines for community members. USA TODAY has asked Meta the parent website of Facebook and Instagram for more details.

Facebook and Instagram’s community guidelines controversy over censorship

Instagram’s community guidelines prohibit content that depict “sexual relations, genitals as well as close-ups of genitals that are fully nude.”

“We understand that there will be instances when people want to post naked images. These are images that are artistic or innovative in nature. However, due to a variety of reasons, we don’t permit the sharing of naked images in the Instagram community. Instagram,” community guidelines stipulate.

Instagram is now allowing images of female nipples in relation to “breastfeeding or giving birth. Also, after-birth experiences, health-related circumstances”. Furthermore,  nakedness in the context of protesting as well as revealing nakedness in art and sculptures.


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The lengthy delay in the taking down from Lee’s nude photo caused outrage on Twitter. To get it removed. Why it took so long? Raised by critics as a common question on media.

“Didn’t really want to awake to a photo that was Tommy Lee’s (expletive),” user @lovefromloz posted. “@Instagram. Actually, has the most obvious double standard within their guidelines for community members.”

Widely praised was the picture of Lee as User @UnbrokenFate noted. But, the revealing images of Britney Spears are causing people to question her mental health.

“So Tommy Lee can post an actual photo of his entire (expletive) picture on Instagram. Furthermore, everyone loves it. She is insane, i.e. Britney. When she is seen posting naked photos (however, she is covering herself inside-out). Let it be clear. Double standards are evident,” the tweet read.

User @jlalibs on Twitter has called Lee’s picture an ad campaign. In addition to this, questioned the unjust punishment of sex users on the social platforms.

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“This is going to be considered an advertising stunt (which it really is). But, the real issue lies in the fact that Tommy Lee has 1.4m followers on IG. As well as the image remains up for 4 hours later. The sex workers who don’t post naked photos. They are shadow-banned because they are living their lives,” @jlalibs wrote.


Tommy Lee previous nude scandal involved Pamela Anderson

It’s not the first time Tommy Lee naked image has been made public to anyone who wanted to.

In 1996, a secret sex video from Lee and his ex-wife, “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson was taken. Furthermore, then sold to the general public.

The tape was taken from the couple’s Malibu home by electrician Rand Gauthier. The person who was dismissed from a job he was working on even though he was owed $20,000 his customers refused to pay. As per the Rolling Stone report from 2014.

The two had to fight long legal battles. Importantly, before finally settling an action in December 1997 against Internet Entertainment Group. An action which uploaded footage online as per Rolling Stone.

After an tumultuous relationship The couple with two children, separated in 1998.

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