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Jennette McCurdy Got ‘Pissed’ at Ariana Grande for Skipping


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“So I have to turn down movies while Ariana’s off whistle-toning at the Billboard Music Awards? Fuck. This.”

It’s likely that we should have known. That the former Nickelodeon actress Jennette McCurdy’s memoir was destined to be a bombshell. Just by its title, However,”I’m Glad That My Mom Died” giving the world more than childhood traumas. Furthermore, allegations of abuse and exploitation from Nickelodeon. Personally, I’m laughing at her tales of a brief appearance with Ariana Grande on Nickelodeon’s show Sam & Cat.

In the excerpts published with ET Online. The 30-year-old’s pen literally drips with hatred towards the pony-tailed music sensation in particular. Reminiscing about how the network had to force McCurdy to turn down the roles she was offered. Also, to pursue other opportunities, as Grande. Then an “burgeoning” artist–was able to take a break from filming in order to finish her debut album. Despite the fact that she was a character in the show.

“I scheduled two episodes on iCarly that I had refuse. Hence, as the iCarly team didn’t want to let me write out episodes. Also, let me shoot them.” McCurdy claims of another series that she was in.

The star of Grande started to grow. The first time she was allowed to appear intermittently. Hence, became a full week of being away from the show. Furthermore, McCurdy was left to play as a sidekick to an empty box.

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“The week I was told that Ariana wasn’t coming for any reason. In addition to this, they’d try to cover her absence in this episode. Thus, with her role placed in a locked box. Are you. I’m kidding,” McCurdy remembers. “So I’m forced to shut down the TV while Ariana is singing on the Billboard Music Awards? Fuck. This.” Ope!

But, despite all that. McCurdy details how she was praised as “a nice person.” Furthermore, like any other person, became enraged over it.

“If I wasn’t such a good sport to begin with, I wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place. I wouldn’t be on this shitty show saying these shitty lines on this shitty set with this shitty hairstyle. Maybe my life would be entirely different right now. I fantasize about it being different. But it’s not different. It’s this. This is what it is. Ariana misses work in pursuit of her music career while I act with a box. I’m pissed about it. And I’m pissed at her. Jealous of her.”

McCurdy’s account of her time that she was in the shadow of Grande’s. As well as the jealousy that it caused is all the more relevant. When she gives additional details, such as their childhoods in very different socioeconomic conditions. McCurdy states that she grew up, i.e. in childhood. In what she describes as “Garbage Grove.” Thus, with a savage mother who was constantly seeking fame. Thus, through any means needed. But, couldn’t pay the cost of utilities and rent. Grande was, however, raised growing up within Boca Raton, Florida. Ideally, “an incredibly wealthy, idyllic town.” Also, was blessed with the privilege of “a well-nourished mother. One who could afford anything she wanted. Hence, at any time she wanted it -for example, Gucci bags, expensive holidays, Chanel outfits.”

Naturally, her frequent comparisons to Grande ended up in an unending stalemate. That is, with McCurdy realising that it wasn’t her new album. Also, slick performances, or her fame and popularity that caused her downfall. But, rather an evening of charades in the home of none but Tom Hanks’ house.

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“Ariana was whistle-toning into the room with excitement. After she’d played the game of charades with Tom Hanks at his house,” McCurdy recalls. “I was unable to endure it any longer. Magazine covers and music performances… Whatever you want to do, I’ll let it go. But playing with the family in National Treasure, two-time Academy Award winner and six-time nominee Tom Hanks’s home? I’m done.”

In case the message wasn’t already and clear, McCurdy further clarifies: “I did not like her. I wasn’t a fan of her.”

“Pop star success ” I could manage but being in the same room with Sheriff Woody, with Forrest Fucking Gump? It’s gotten too much. Now, each time she is absent from work, it’s an attack on her personal life. Every time something thrilling occurs to her. I’m convinced that she has taken away the chance to have this experience for myself.”

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