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The Canada’s top auto insurance companies are playing a vital role every day for hundreds of people coming on roads of Canada everyday. Especially, for new drivers and young people, the auto assurance industry is one of the biggest advantage & a necessity. This is a fact not only in Canada that owning a car exposes you to a host of financial risks. With auto insurance from a suitable company you can lessen the chances of risks, Apart from the risks, facing the financial problems. Primarily, as it can cover the damages to your car and other circumstances in which you will be liable to pay the medical expenses and other bills.

The most vital aspect is choosing the right insurance company provider and basically it should be much more than the price alone. There are certain other key factors as well and one of the most important one is Customer Service.

Here are some of Canada’s top auto insurance company providers that have impacted the Canadian economy. Largely, with some brilliant performances & economical pricing strategies.



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Car insurance clearly and most importantly marked Co-operators group Limited as a clear winner amongst the many car insurance companies in Canada. A huge reason is that it performs exceptionally in certain key areas. Furthermore, decent enough in many areas and hardly have a grey area. As far as the rating in the insurance industry is concerned, Co-operators has emerged as most reliable and highly rated. It received an overall rating of five stars for the most key area, i.e. customer service. In addition to this, four star for prices and three stars for financial strength. A company with over 6,000 employees is a multi-line insurance and financial services co-operative, that boasts almost $50 CAD billion in assets under administration.

  1. AVIVA:

Aviva Canada is a subsidiary of the UK-based insurance company Aviva Plc. Having a diversified presence in United Kingdom. The company, Aviva Canada is growing fast in Canada because of some inspirational leadership. Furthermore, standards that are boarded and exported from UK in the insurance sector. The company’s rating in the insurance sector in Canada is not that bad either. Hence, considering it’s a UK based company and enjoys in Canada an overall rating of four stars. The most rating that the company has achieved is in the pricing category, i.e. five star rating. Apart from this, four stars for financial strength and discounts and optional coverage. Furthermore, two stars for customer service. The customer service segments needs a massive room for improvement and Aviva Canada is working day and night to improve their customer satisfaction aspects.

For ride-sharing companies Aviva is the perfect option for Lyft drivers as the company was in partnership with Lyft Canada. Hence, for offering ride-sharing insurance for the drivers as well as the passengers for using the Lyft ride-sharing services only in Ontario region. 


Intact financial corporation is the insurance company that ranked third with an overall rating of four stars. The company at the same time gained five stars for financial strength. Also, four stars for prices and discounts as well as optional coverage. Finally, three stars for customer service. The customer service needs a massive room for improvement and Intact insurance can show that improvement in few years’ time with consistent performance.

Apart from being the third in rank in Canada, it is the largest providers of P&C insurance in Canada & speciality insurance in North America. The company is large with 13,000 employees who are always in support over 5 million clients in Canada & USA. Figures speaks volumes for themselves. Especially, in the vehicle insurance industry. Intact Insurance vehicle assurance line not only offers coverage for cars. But, also for motorcycles, RVs, ATVs and snowmobiles and boats.

  1. SONNET:

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Sonnet Insurance Company is Canada’s fully online insurance company with a fast quoting tool, plain-language policies. Furthermore, a useful website that contains useful guidelines and studies. The mandatory insurance coverage that includes are liability insurance, accident benefits, comprehensive cover and collisions. It also includes optional auto insurance coverage for drivers in Canada which includes accident forgiveness & ticket forgiveness. Furthermore, rental extension bundle, and a vroom service bundle. As far as the ratings are concerned they are not lagging behind in any way with an overall rating of four stars. Five stars for discounts and optional coverage & four for customer service. Apart from this, three for financial strength and two stars for prices. One of the best companies for those who want to purchase insurance from home, i.e. online, due to the huge involvement of online tools.    



Beladirect, the company that made it in the Top five with an overall ranking of four stars. It is considered by Carsurance as perfect for Uber drivers, the biggest ride-sharing company in the world and in Canada. Also, the most suitable for those drivers who are car owners with a low mileage. The company is not that behind in Customer service ratings, i.e. four stars. While, for financial strength it has scored a good enough five stars rating. In the prices, discounts and optional coverage it has scored four stars as well, which proves the company is maintaining a vital position in Canada.

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