insurance protection
insurance protection

The McClellan group Insurance Inc. is proud to partner with RMA/MBBP, The company is our insurance cover & protection partner who shares in our support of independent retailers and other cover associations across Canada. Provides one of the comprehensive insurance program solutions in the industry.


The McLennan Group has made sure to fulfill all the possible needs of insurance cover in retail. They shall accomplish this mission through a good insurance cover or insurance program.  A nationally licensed insurance broker, our company has full Canadian ownership. Hence, the insurance company is active in the industry for the last 26 years.

In addition to this, McLennan is also responsible for innovative insurance products and Insurance cover. However, the Group has also successfully designed and delivered such products and services for leading associations and their members.

Hence, the company welcomes you to The McClellan Group Insurance Programs. This assurance protection program is the first personal lines insurance program. The insurance program is a designed program for added advantages to RMA/MBBP members only. Adding some decency in features to the insurance program.



Along with your cars, trucks and vans, coverage is available for your RV’s, motorcycles, trailers and more. Third-party liability is a mandatory option for every driver in Canada. The company also offers auto insurance offers supplementary coverage. This cover allows you to tailor your insurance policy to your specified needs. For example:

Insurance depends on the more things and assets you own i.e. home, cottage, pool, cars, boats etc. Ironically, the more exposure you will have for the claims against you. This claim is an injury claim to others and damages to their property.
Personal Umbrella Liability provides added liability coverage above the limits of your homeowner’s and auto insurance policies.

We start with lower rates for the RMA/MBBP members. We also offer multiple ways to save that includes multi-vehicle, conviction-free and winter tire discounts. What’s more, with a clean driving record, you could see significant savings compared to what you’re paying now.


The McLennan Group Home Insurance provides comprehensive protection for your single largest investment. Depending on the option to choose the level of coverage. The policy will have some added protection just for the sake of enhancements. They are as follows;

The Guaranteed Replacement cost: The re-building costs will be covered in case if the home is destroyed. The construction will take place with similar kind of materials for insurance reasons. Also includes the quality even if the coverage is less.

Disappearing Deductible – if you have a loss over $25,000, you do not pay for the deductible. Student Away- Having a student in the family, someone who is away at school. Automatically, your home assurance cover extends to their belongings at school.

Identity Theft Recovery Expenses Endorsement – provides up to $25,000 coverage for the reimbursement of certain expenses incurred in identity recovery. In case if you are having the option of choosing the Lifestyle Coverage for family members.

Coverage shall be provided for the liability associated with the volunteer work. In addition to this, the healthcare facility shall also be fully covered. In addition to this cash robbery within 24 hours of withdrawal from a bank including an ATM. While we offer premiums that reward responsible home ownership, you can combine your home and automobile policies for even greater savings. That’s in addition to available discounts such as age, multiple vehicles, claims free, home alarm and much more.


We are truly aware of how travel insurance cover works out. Considered by most as one of the most important buying decisions customers shall ever make. For provincial cover outside the boundaries of Canada, the travel insurance cover has limited options. Without proper insurance, costs incurred from a medical emergency can be financially devastating.

But be aware that not all plans provide all coverage, and you get what you pay for.

McClellan group insurance cover
McClellan group insurance cover

The McLennan Group Travel Insurance offers multi-trip annual plans and single trip daily plans with multiple coverage options and more;

  1. 24 hour worldwide emergency assistance and a $10 million policy maximum.
  2. Simplified applications with easy qualification.
  3. No age limit and no medical questionnaire if you’re under age 55.
  4. Flexibility to travel anytime and change your travel dates without penalty.
  5. If plans change, we offer top-ups and extensions.
  6. Coverage for unstable pre-existing conditions, and personal underwriting if required.

On top of that, our licensed brokers will help you understand your application’s medical questions. Also, recommend the proper coverage on your health and travel plans.

In addition to better coverage and lower rates in health categories. The company also offer companion savings and deductible options that will help save 45%.


Along with the competitive pricing as well as good value with products we offer more protection options. This includes some value-added benefits at no extra cost, as well as exclusive member’s discounts.

For more peace of mind, you will have unmatched customer service. Hence, the added options are the responsive claims service and advice on the coverage. They are all given by licensed and trained representatives.


Since 1992, i.e. the last 27 years, The McLennan Group has been providing similar associations. This includes insurance solutions at an exceptional service level. The cover is in addition to our life and health arm.

As a group, we have partnered with leading Canadian insurance providers. We offer three programs for RMA/MBBP members and their families. The McLennan Group would be proud to be your personal lines, an insurance provider.

Call us toll-free for full details and your no-obligation quote.
Auto and Home Insurance: 1-833-725-1335
Travel Insurance: 1-866-566-1461


The McClellan Group Insurance Inc. and The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc. work with a number of trusted Canadian insurers. Please refer to your policy for complete coverage details, as certain limits and conditions apply.

In case there is any inconsistency between the above descriptions and policy, the Terms & conditions of the policy shall govern. Please note that not all coverage is available in all jurisdictions.

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