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PC games that have been ruling the industry since the Gaming Industry has ruled the Entertainment Industry. Companies like EA or Electronic Arts & Rockstar Games have been in the gaming industry giving high profile, most dynamic & highly entertaining games with dynamic values of realism & graphics that are close to the real world.

Below are some of the most wanted & Top games that are most valuable for the fans deeply linked with gaming Industry.


EA FIFA 2023
Source: ea.com

FIFA 23 is part of the legendary FIFA series in list of PC Games. That is, the game dedicated in name of Football Association by name of FIFA. EA Sports, the famous company is solely responsible for the production of the game. Also, known popularly as Electronic Arts. It is now the largest sports video game franchise on the planet. The game lets you play with the biggest leagues which includes Premier League from UK, German League Bundesliga, Spanish League LaLiga Santander League, Italian League Serie A & other leagues that are prominent in modern times. All the leagues, the games, the stadiums & the players are with incredible details & realism. The FIFA series let you play the World’s Game your way.


Source: ea.com

The very popular racing brand NFS also known as Need for Speed. Tremendously, has highlighted the popularity that is linked with the famous slang ‘The Race against Time’. The wide variety in the NFS series in PC Games, includes NFS Unbound, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, NFS Heat, Need for Speed: Payback, Need for Speed: No Limits, Need For Speed: Royals, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Need For Speed: The Run, Shift 2 Unleashed, NFS Undercover & Need For Speed : Shift.

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The need for speed popularity levels exceeded the limits. Obviously, as there is also a film by the name of Need for Speed, released in 2014. The game NFS produced by AOL is a racing strategy game that has taken car racing to new & far more improved heights. These are heights that defines car racing highly synchronous. Ironically, with Need for Speed, the most popular amongst the car racing gaming franchise.


Max Payne

Max Payne is an action game is about a man with nothing to lose in the violent, cold, urban night. The various platforms in which the game Max Payne is played is PS4, PC, IOS, Android, PS2, Xbox, Kindle, GameBoy & finally Advance. The game was first released in the year 2001 as part of PC Games. Max Payne is about a man fighting for his justice in the cold winters of New York while uncovering plot twists & twisted thugs in the glittery bowels of NYC during the century’s worst blizzard.

The popularity level of the game took it to the next level in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. As a Hollywood movie, it was released in 2008 as Max Payne. Mark Wahlberg, the famous actor was responsible for playing the role of Max Payne. A very committed action artist who has performed in films like Shooter (2007), Deepwater Horizon (2016) & Ted series. Many other films that have performed really well at the box office.


GTA Story Mode
Source : rockstargames.com


Grand Theft Auto V or GTA is part of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City PC Games. Grand Theft Auto Online Version is the game’s other version. The game is now available for PS5 and XBOX series XLS. It’s an urban chaos with far more improved locations, stunning visuals, faster loading, Immersive Controls, 3D Audio.


GTA V Online
source: rockstargames.com
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The same version of GTA V is available online known as Grand Theft Auto Online or GTA Online. The game is more exclusive in online with exclusive new content, New Career Builder & New Menu Design. Apart from all this, there is also access to all current & previous updates. The Grand theft Auto with the theme urban chaos is just magical with close to realism locations, characters & Cars. The game is an adventure-pack that will make you a more dedicated fan of The Grand Theft Auto vice City. The game which was the first version of GTA you would have played years back.


Welcome to Al-Mazrah, Warzone 2.0 heads to the metropolitan area. Furthermore, the rural outskirts within the Republic of Adal in the next iteration of Call of Duty’s massive Free-to-Play Battle Royale experience. The new locations brings with it brand-new game-play innovations, new player mechanics, and all the all-new DMZ mode.

Call of duty
source: callofduty.com

All these games that are not only PC games, but available on Play Station series, XBOX series & XBOX ONE & some other platforms. These games are designed according to the latest gaming conventions. The strategy type games are far more solid as they are for the mind development & for future strategy makers who love strategy war games like Red Alert.


FIFA 23 is a complete soccer experience that will make you more of a crazy fan of FIFA series games. The latest FIFA World Cup played in Qatar 2022 is part of the game & makes it more interesting not only for young ones but people from all ages love the experience. The avatar of players like Mbappe & Lionel Messi is so close to realism in terms of the graphics, the movements & other key features. Not only good for entertainment but also for sake of promotional strategies of the greatest sports on planet, i.e. Football.

Similarly, the NFS or Need for Speed & Max Payne have transformed over the years into being a gaming experience that is engaging, captivating & full of dynamic locations & movements. Obviously, has taken gaming to new & improved heights where the enjoyment is par any other games. Lastly, the GTA V or Grand Theft Auto V & GTA Online both are so enriching & relaxing experiences for the lovers of video games that it is far beyond imagination. The massive transformation from GTA: Vice City to the latest one, i.e. Grand Theft Auto V is remarkable indeed in terms of number of additions & far closer to realism in terms of the dynamic features.

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