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Hogwarts Legacy is a Referendum on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter


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Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts’ newest video game that is based on the writer J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” novel, launched this week to huge sales and a lot of controversy.

Why is it important:

What is the significance of it? game allows players to make their own wizards. Further, then go through a magical school. Obviously, is now a focal point for the fans and reviewers on the work that is associated with Rowling.

  • The Harry Potter writer has come under fire for transphobia She denies itsince the year 2018 in which she “liked” the tweet in which she claimed the transgender women were “men wearing clothes” (per Politico, she claimed it was to conduct research reasons). In her numerous comments about gender. Since, that time she has slammed the notion that “people with menstrual cycles”. Obviously, could be referring to any other gender than women.
  • In the midst of protests against Hogwarts Legacy, the game is still able to be at the top of key PC and list of console bestsellers weeks prior to its release, suggesting that there is a huge demand for pre-orders.

The news is breaking:

In an unorthodox departure from the standard news coverage of the game’s release. Some outlets are adding caveats to the Hogwarts review. Whereas, some are avoiding the game completely. (Access for access to the game is, to date is managed through Warner Bros. Which just like other publishers, selects which publications they will send review copies of the game to.)

  • IGN The most popular video game media website across North America, ran a rave. However, also had an article titled “concerning J.K. Rowling” which is inconclusive “As critics, our task is to determine the answer of whether. Otherwise, whether we believe Hogwarts Legacy to be fun to play. In addition to this, the reasons why is it ethical to play is an entirely separate. However, a very significant question.”
  • British gaming website RockPaperShotgun is counter-programming through an article series on magic-based games with an “special focus on magical games developed by trans people.”
  • The Canadian publication, TheGamer, is among the few that will not review Hogwarts Legacy. The Gamer also won’t make online guides to the game. Obviously, which is a bigger source of revenue, editor-in chief Stacey Henley tells Axios. “This isn’t due to any problem with royalties, or financial backing to J.K. Rowling. However, because we believe that the ongoing popularisation of Harry Potter is a way to provide her with a bigger platform. Also, further validates her beliefs which we believe are negative for trans people.”

The lines are:

Rowling may profit from Hogwarts Legacy, but she did not create the book. It was created through Warner Bros.-owned Avalanche Software.

  • The game’s official FAQ states it is true that J.K. Rowling is not involved in the development game. game,” but critics have stated that the game’s popularity will still be a benefit to Rowling.
  • One actor who is playing in the game has stated that he’s “really sorry to anyone who was hurt” due to his participation in the game as well as actors from the Harry Potter films who have dissociated them from Rowling and have overwhelmingly backed trans rights.
  • Some fans have stopped buying the game because of what Washington Post recently described as “the discomfort and difficulties of being an avid Harry Potter fan of late.”

What they’re saying

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is that the game’s creators have mostly not explicitly addressed the Rowling problem, although there are hints.

  • The announcement that the game allows players to create trans-characters through decoupling the choice of voice and body from gender-specific terms in the character design process has been seen as a subtle denial of Rowling.
  • Warner Bros.’ management has been more clear about its direction. In response to questions about possible boycotts this month, the chief of gaming, David Haddad, told Axios: “We’re going to stay completely concentrated on this game that we created and the fantastic job The Avalanche studio has accomplished.” He continued: “We want everybody that enjoys this world to be awed by these stories to love the characters.”

Then, in December Rowling admitted to boycotts against Hogwarts Legacy after GameSpot writer Jessie Earl called support of the game “harmful.”

  • Rowling quoted the statement on Twitter and referred to it as “purethink” and said those who don’t agree with her should be burning libraries.
  • GameSpot has published an essay written by Earl Rowling about his opinions and the game. GameSpot has yet to publish an analysis on the game.
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