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Dead Island 2 Hits Shelves February 3, 2023 on PS4 & PS5


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That’s right, Dead Island 2 is officially an actual thing! So , why have we remained so silent? We wanted our announcement to be accompanied by an amazing demo. Additionally, we’re happy that media across the globe are getting access to the beta version of the game at Gamescom.

We’re very proud to be able to display the hard work we’ve put into!

Dead Island 2 is a thrilling action-packed first-person RPG. A game set in the zombie-infected Los Angeles that we like to call HELL-A!

dead island 2 gameplay online playstation 2

What have we been doing? In the year 2018 Deep Silver Dambuster Studios started the development of Dead Island 2. Thus, focusing on a pulp-based horror zombie experience that is directly in front of you; close, visceral and intimate.

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We wanted our heroes not to be merely survivors. We wanted them thrive, racing headlong into the fray. Also, sporting eyes that resemble predators and an occasional glance at the camera.

We’ve invested a lot of time into the creation of our world. Our narrative and most importantly our strategic and extremely brutal first-person melee combat.

dead island 2 gameplay online playstation 2

In our report, Los Angeles has been overrun. Furthermore, the evacuation plan has failed, and the military has returned and LA is now in complete isolation. The virus is present but you are immune and experiencing significant changes in your body. To get out of Hell-A, you must accept the slayer within you, and perhaps the zombie within you as well!

What is it that makes Dead Island 2 so unique?

First of all, Dead Island is known for its amazing Paradise Gone to Hell setting. The zompocalypse we are hosting takes place in Dead Island, the City of Angels. The game takes players on a roller-coaster trip. Through, a variety of postcard LA places starting from Santa Monica’s beaches to Venice. Thus, along with Santa Monica through to the extravagant mansions of Bel Air and beyond.

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dead island 2 gameplay online playstation 2

Visceral combat is our primary game play component. We’re completely focused on zombie killing. Furthermore, we’ve spend a lot of time constructing our own gruesome gore technology (codenamed FLESH. Fully Locational Evisceration System for Humanoids). To complement the gore. Hence, we have a huge collection of upgraded weaponry. These are weapons that ranges and melee. As well as, an extremely detailed and adaptable skill card system. Thus, which allows players to completely alter their game play. All of this is in a bloody and chaotic combat Sandbox! Players can cut, dice, roast and bludgeon, melt, cut and break zombies with incredible style that are fully procedural.

Zombies are at centre of everything that happens in Dead Island. There’s a wide array of game play and visual zombie variations that all capture the uniqueness and vibrancy of LA.

dead island 2 gameplay online playstation 2

All of this is reflected in our confident and brash pulp sound – it’s bright, confident and bigger than life. It’s also a confident glance at the camera. However, let’s not forget that the pulp horror. That is, at the core of our bloody soul. There are many terrifying encounters, jump scares and creepy places to visit!

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The game that the press is watching at Gamescom will focus this first glimpse at the brutal and tactical battle by way of”Boardwalking Dead “Boardwalking Dead” quest that takes place on the Pier in Santa Monica. The quest is midway through our journey and let them play around with our incredibly combat system. Furthermore, to experience our unique vision of pulp in LA.

That’s all. At present. We’re eager to share more information in the near future!

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