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Qixi : A Google Doodle’s Tribute to , China’s Valentine’s Day, Explained


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The current Google Doodle celebrates the Qixi Festival. A traditional festival observed throughout Taiwan. Also, includes Singapore and other regions of Asia.

The festival commemorates the annual gathering between Zhinu as well as Niulang. Shows the weaving girl, and the cattle herder. Something that relates within the Chinese mythology.

The doodle on the cloth depicts their appearance in a red outline. That is, with the swirling clouds and moons.

Here’s everything you should be aware of concerning Qixi Festival. The Qixi Festival. Furthermore, the story of its origins.

What exactly is Qixi Festival?

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It is believed that the Qixi Festival bears a huge resemblance to Valentine’s Day. In addition to this, it indeed is sometimes described as the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

It falls at the 7th day of July. That is, according to the lunar calendar. That means that it falls either in the final week of July. Alternatively, the first three weeks of the month of August.

Because of the time of year because of its time. Hence, due to its date, the festival is also called”the” Double Seventh Festival, the Night of the Sevens.

This year, it’s being observed on Thursday, August 4th.

Centred Around An Old Chinese Myth: 

Qixi Festival is something that centres around the story of The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. A story that basically originates from the old Chinese practice of Astrology.

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In this tale, Niulang, the cowherd is represented in the form of Altair. Which is the most brilliant stars in the constellation Aquila. Zhinu is the weaver girl is represented by Vega. That is, the most brilliant stars in the constellation Vega.

The ancient Chinese discovered that two stars merged in the sky during the seventh of doubles. The legend goes that Niulang and Zhinu which was the fairy fell in love. However, their relationship was forbidden by the goddess of heavens, the queen mother.

The queen mother compelled them to split and create the river of heaven that is symbolised through the Milky Way. That is, to keep them from each other.

The pain of the couple was felt across the globe. In addition to this, influenced by the utter despair due to their divorce. The queen permitted them to have a reunion every year for the double seventh. Which is the bridge of magpies that flew across the river. In this way, it is believed that the Qixi Festival is also sometimes called”the” Magpie Festival.

What are the ways to celebrate it?

Older traditions included demonstrations of craftsmanship worship services that were dedicated towards Zhinu and flower-hanging celebrations to honour Oxen.

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Modern customs are more similar to Valentine’s Day, with people giving out roses, sweets and chocolates to show their romantic partner.

The people look up to the sky to see Altair and Vega as Deneb the third star, acts as an evocative link between these two.

The festival is also significant for newlyweds. In the past the couple would offer a rite of worship to Zhinu and Niulang to say goodbye and say goodbye to the two. This was an indication of an enjoyable marriage and also showed that the bride was loved by her family.

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