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Halloween 2022 is an observance that is celebrated each year on the 31st of October. Hence, while the Halloween in 2022 will be occurring on the Monday of October. Its not observed as a public holiday in Canada. This will be the last Monday of October in the year 2022. “Happy Halloween”, the most common greetings that are given by people to each other on the day. Alternatively, in short sometimes “Happy Hallo”. A day that is of huge significance for the kids. These are kids who like to dress in different costumes as witches, ghost, ghost hunters, Dracula & Vampires. A celebration by the kids, How ? Fancy costumes is the way it is demonstrated for obvious reasons.


Primarily, as the Halloween 2022 festival is centred around myths. Apart from the myths, many related stories of people seeing vampires and ghosts on the particular day. Dedicated to the unseen world or the hidden world, its a day similar to the ‘Day of the dead’. Precisely, and most commonly for people in the West. That is, a world that brings spooky feelings to people. That is, more specifically related to the fear of the unknown or the fear of the dead. That are spirits roaming around as ghosts. This is according to the Celtic beliefs.

There are stories that revolves around the celebrations of the Halloween Day. These stories relates to people seen as ghost. Also, images after their deaths on the Day of the Halloween. One of the most common myths associated with the Day of Halloween. Obviously, is related to the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. A ghost seen in the White House on the day of Halloween. This is after 100 years after his assassination which happened in the year 1865. He was the 16th US President and was born in Kentucky in 1809.

The tradition of Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Ironically, when people would light bonfires. On top of that, wear costumes to ward off ghosts.


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Halloween 2022 is a celebration that most commonly shall be taking place in form of Halloween parties. In addition to this, the trends have been transforming. Significantly, to what they are in these current days. It was by the year 1920s and 1930s. Halloween had become a secular but community centred holiday. It happens with parades and town-wide Halloween parties as the most common featured entertainment.

Halloween Party
Halloween party. Six friends in costume cine villains posing with skull and pumpkin-lamp at a party. Around them flies confetti. They are having fun and laughing


However, by the year 1950s. The town leaders played a massive role in limiting Vandalism. Something, that began to plague the Halloween celebrations in many communities during the era of 1920s. Celebrations later transformed into massive gatherings & parties. Mainly, due to the involvement of the youth, especially the kids. That is, due to the high numbers of young children during the fifties baby boom. The parties, thus moved from town hall and city centres towards the classroom and homes. Places where they could be far more easily be accommodated.


Thus, after many transformations and changes in the Halloween celebrations. It finally took commercial importance. Thus, with the power of electronic media. However, a new American tradition was born and it continued to grow. In these modern times, especially the Americans spend an estimated $6.5 Billion. That is, annually on the Halloween celebrations alone. Thus, making it the second largest important festival after Christmas. Therefore, Halloween 2022 is an event full of global commercial values.

What makes it so popular that it’s the second largest commercial observance after Xmas? The format of the observance and how the day is so important. Precisely, in terms of the commercial values. Billions of American Dollars are just spend on the Halloween costumes. A figure that is growing every other day. In the country Canada as well. Seen on the rise recently, its a vital figure for the Canadians. Thus, which makes Canada stand at number two after USA in terms of the celebrations for the Halloween. The passion for the celebrations has not only grown in the media. However, also in private Halloween parties.


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Halloween movies over the years has made Halloween 2022 festival more interesting for the people. Ironically, not only as a following which is global. But, also as a following of the myth. Having associations with the Halloween festival. There are depictions that relates to the movies. These are Halloween movies which has itself grown the importance of Halloween amongst the people. The Classic Halloween movies includes “Halloween”. A franchise that started in 1978. John Carpenter was the director of the famous film. The film is centred on the main character Michael Myers who murders his 17 years old sister. Later, Michael Myers was taken to jail. However, escapes on the night of the Halloween to look out for his old home and a new target for his next killing.

The latest release in the overall Halloween franchise was in the year 2021. Hence, by the name of “Halloween Kills”. The last of the Halloween films shall also be releasing in the October month. That is, by the name of “Halloween Ends”. The film is the 13th film of the Halloween Franchise. In addition to this. The upcoming one, its releasing on the 14th of October 2022. Thus, making Halloween 2022 festival far more interesting. Furthermore, far more happening for the youth. According to many predictions this should be the last film of the Halloween franchise. Hence, a franchise which started under the banner of John Carpenter in the year 1978. That is, some 44 years from today. An era filled with spookiness.


The Halloween 2022 festival that shall be celebrated in Canada. Hence, as an observance only on the 31st October. That is, the final Monday of October. It is a highly followed festival all over Canada. It has grown tremendously in terms of its commercial values. Also, in terms of success values in the country Canada. The reason behind this is the electronic media. A power that has given Halloween its due share of significance over the years. Halloween parties in Canada in these modern times are a common trend. Hence, as well as dressing up in various costumes is a key attraction. Importantly, as Halloween has grown in terms of its global celebrations. Finally, now stands second after the festival of X-Mas. Obviously, Christmas is more of a religious festival marking the birth of Jesus Christ.

Halloween is now part of the Canadian culture to be more true & more precise as its has been injected. Hence, as well as merged into the economy. Shows how youth thinks & believes about the myths of Hallo. Furthermore, the esteem with which it grows & keeps growing.

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