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International Women’s Day, a day celebrated all over the world on the 8th of March every year. This day is symbolic due to many reasons apart from recognising the rights of women & how the world started to change when realisations were made for women’s freedom of speech. This day not only holds importance for Canada. Furthermore, for Canadian women as well. Recognised all over the world for women’s day especially. The day also highlights the achievements made by women from 20th Century globally. Especially, since the empowerment of women and their rights.

Starting from the famous Mother Teresa, known for her efforts for the humanity as a nun and missionary. While remembering the iconic soul on International Women’s Day. Mother Theresa was born in North Macedonia and died in Kolkatta, India. She got the noble peace prize for her efforts towards humanity and serving the people & is the first woman who defined a new role for women all over the world.


There has been many women leaders who have made a huge impact on the page of the world all over. All these women have been great icons for their particular country. Hence, that’s why they are always remembered on International Women’s Day annually. These includes, Angela Merkel, The Chancellor of Germany, and a great German women. Someone, who has been consistently in the Top 10 power list of the most powerful people. She has been an outstanding leader of Germany while representing the country internationally as the Chancellor.

Also, includes in the distinguished list is the twice serving Prime Minister of Pakistan, Miss Benazir Bhutto. The assassination of Miss Bhutto took place during a political campaign in the year 2007. This is after making a significant name in Asian Politics & World Affairs. Another great icon is Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, a women of change. Finally, who can forget the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher from The United Kingdom. The longest serving Prime Minister of United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990. All these women have demonstrated in their own capacities & in their roles as being the leader of their country time & again, that Women can match the powers and abilities of any man if they want.

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The day is a huge opportunity to celebrate the women’s achievements from Politics to Sports etc. Here are some of the women from the year 2021’ who have already made a mark in the history books. These are women from International Politics, Film industry, Representing International Organisations, and Int. Sports. They have not only created an example for women globally. But also proved, the only answer to success is courage and hard work, as these women have proved to the world.

Some of these outclassed women from 2021’ on Int. Women’s Day includes;


Kamala Harris from United States made history on 20th January 2021, i.e. on the oath taking day. She was inaugurated as the First Black & the first South Asian American. Furthermore, the first woman Vice President of United States. A huge achievement from Kamala Harris while making a mark in American politics. On top of this, making a huge example for the women of United States.


Kaja Kallas became the first female Estonia’s Prime Minister. This happened less than a week after Kamala Harris made her name to the history books. Her oath apart from many other goals is to tackle Climate Change globally.


On the 1st February, Zara Mohammad became the first woman and at the age of just 29. As Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain. As the youngest person in history for this position, Zara Mohammad was the elected candidate. It is the nation’s largest body that represents the Muslims of Britain. There are many Muslims, men and women working in the Great Britain and following their religion with complete freedom.


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Seiko Hashimoto, the Japan’s former Olympics minister was the one who took charge of the next Olympic Games. She became the Tokyo 2020 President, due to the resigning of Mr. Mori. Following some comments that went against women made by Yoshiro Mori. Hence, Mori had to resign from his position. Seiko Hashimoto, is a Seven-time Olympian and won a bronze medal for speed skating in 1992.


Chloe Zhao, at the Golden Globe awards on the 28th February became the first Asian woman. Apart from this, only the second women ever to win the best director award for the film Nomadland. In field of Film Direction at the Golden Globe. Ironically, her efforts are recognised on the world’s stage. Before Zhao, the first ever women to get the award was Barbra Streisand.

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