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National Flag Day of Canada is observed on the 15th of February every year. This is since it was first celebrated on 15th Feb 1996. It is a day that holds national status in Canada. However, while celebrating the day, there is a history attached that needs to be remembered. Hence, with the maple leaf flag being the symbol of Canada’s sovereignty and its pride globally. On the 15th of Feb 1965, the installation of the maple leaf was done officially on the flag. It signifies the value and importance of the flag for the Canadian nation, and being a symbol of national pride.

Canada is still a monarchy of the United Kingdom & got its independence from Great Britain in the year 1868. Canada incorporated elements of British flag and design in their own flag. This is while making gradual transformations to its original form in 1965. It was by the middle of the 20th century that Canada realised that they needed some major updating & transformation regards to their flag. The idea was to show through the flag, that how they have marched towards their sovereignty and independence. More importantly, since 1868 when they officially got independence from United Kingdom. It also is a tribute to the relationship they have been with the United Kingdom Pre-independence and post-independence.

Colonel George Stanley, a very famous and renowned Canadian public servant. Surprisingly, Colonel was the first man to think about the redesigning of the Canadian flag. He eventually sparked a national debate among citizens of Canada. His vision for the flag was very simple. Hence, something easily recognisable and also served as a rallying symbol of unity.


The year 1965 is a very important year in the history of Canada. With significance to the Canadian flag, the importance levels are huge. The new design and form of the red coloured maple leaf holds distinct attributes. Queen of England was the Monarch who made the official proclamation. Queen Elizabeth II on 28th January 1965 made it an official documented proclamation.

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On the 15th of Feb 1965, as it happened on Parliament Hill when Canada was celebrating the day for the first time. The official public ceremony of the inauguration took place. Near the parliament Hill, the gatherings were in form of thousands of people from various walks of life. Excited and happy to see the official ceremony of the inauguration of Canada’s flag. At the stroke of noon, as the Red Ensign was lowered. There was patriotism and pride that echoed & flew the air of Canada. The flag hoisting ceremony of the latest version of the National flag took place. On the symbolic occasion the PM of Canada, Mr. Pearson gave a speech full of hope and determination. He said with emotions of patriotism for Canada. “May the land over which these new flag flies remains united with freedom and justice. Furthermore, sensitive, tolerant and compassionate towards all.”

The showcasing of the new flag of Canada took place at Expo’ 67. It also marks the 100th anniversary of Canadian independence.


Linked up with the Canadian pride & honour attached to their flag. Its the National Day, and this fact holds the key behind the aims & objectives of the celebrations. A flag is not only a symbol of pride for the country. Naturally, it is also a key representation for that country in the international arena. It holds sentiments of unity, brotherhood, justice, patriotism, courage, national pride, and a sense of freedom. It also holds values of respect and honour for the nation, in the hearts of its citizens. This is a reason Canada is still celebrating the day with the same enthusiasm.

Canada is a country that has been celebrating its national pride and integrity with lots of joy. Hence, being a country that has shown and proved over the years to the world. They have truly been on the right track since their independence and especially since the last 40 years. A country that has emerged as one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Ironically, makes their inhabitants more proud of their national flag.

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