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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love & romance all over the world & is still celebrated with huge compassion. Remembered in the name of St. Valentine, the day is celebrated on the 14th of February every year. Attached to the sharing of gifts is the meaning of love all over the world. Furthermore, sharing compassion through dance and music. As the saying goes “Love is in the Air”, the truth holds that love has no boundaries. Neither it has any religion and is a sentiment that defines the power of true bonding of affection.

People loved the idea of Valentine’s Day celebrations as they thought rationally. Ironically, that there should be a specific day for the celebration of true love. Valentine’s day is associated with a huge history behind it, as it was something found later by people. According to Elizabeth Nelson, a valentine day’s researcher and author of book on marketing the holiday. He says that there were days that people really loved the idea of Valentine’s Day celebrations. Furthermore, they celebrated the day in the most authentic of ways. However, these days it’s a bit different as the notion has changed towards being more commercial and media centric.


Celebrated all over the world, especially in the most Western countries. These includes USA, Canada, Australia, U.K., New Zealand, France & Italy. Furthermore, many other countries in the West. All these countries and some more in Europe and North America gave this day huge prestige and values. Especially, in terms of accomplishing love and being romantic. This is the day that defines what true romance is. Ironically, for a loved one, fiancee, or a life partner. This is in form of giving a card and chocolates and gifts for e.g. a French perfume or a ring. Hence, just to make it a memorable day & a day of significance. “Valentining” is the practice that originated from medieval England. This is where kids go door to door asking for treats and sweets, similar to that of Halloween.

However, in the later days, i.e. modern times, the focus has changed from human interactions to exchange of cards via social media and e-mails. Before the internet the use of cards as gesture of love and true romance was the most common ways of valentine day’s celebrations.


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In the modern days since the beginning of social media for e.g. Facebook and Twitter, the way of celebrating the Valentine’s Day has changed. However, in many countries the spirit of the celebrations is still the same & holds similar intensities. Forwarding attractive cards and video messages is a norm on Facebook. Also, used for private messages and special Valentine day’s tributes. Dedicating songs of love and feelings through social media is very common, and one of the best ways to show your feelings to your valentine. The feelings are so gorgeous and concrete that they can turn into lifetime relationships i.e. husband and wife. Hence, a valentine day has changed in modern times and occupies more commercial values than it used to since it started.


The epi-centre of the day used to be romance only. It was in the ancient times when Valentine’s day celebration originated from West. Just transforming it into formal celebrations in the later years. Regards to sincerity of giving cards, there were questions that were asked.

An arranged marriage or a love affair turned into a wedding ceremony. This used to happen in the early 19th century when the Valentine day’s celebrations started. It was lesser amount of pretending and an attitude of flirt.

Hence, 90% of the time a valentine turned into a life partner in early days of the celebrations. However, with time and changes in the culture of Western nations, the celebrations have become more sort of formal rather than romance being the centre of the Valentine’s Day. In most Western nations, the probability and percentage of marriage has gone very low, and thus, it has directly impacted the valentine day integrity and the value of romance.

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