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The International Day of Mathematics, also known as IDM. As a tribute for mathematics on 14th march, as it is a day followed. The day is also a birthday of the biggest Physicist ever born. Albert Einstein, the man who was a genius. A physicist from Germany. Theory of relativity is what he is known for. In addition to this, also for the energy formula E=MC (square). Albert Einstein is a massive connection with the subject Mathematics & Physics. Apart from Sir Albert Einstein sharing a birthday on 14th march. Another scientist who died on the same day who was an English theoretical physicist is Stephen Hawking. He died on 14th march 2018 in Cambridge, UK. Further, his unmatched work is in the field of General relativity. In addition to this, the quantum gravity.

The International Day of Mathematics also relates to Pi Day. With significance to value of Pi. For obvious reasons, as it was known as earlier. That is, 3.14. Therefore, as a following it is followed on a 14th march. Precisely, w.r.t. the date format followed month/date. Which is 3/14. The exact value of Pi is actually to 3 decimal places being 3.142. Taken until 2 decimal places, as it is.

The International Day of Mathematics has huge relevance. A key relevance that relates with the application of mathematics in every field.


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The support for the Int. Day of Mathematics is promoting the idea ‘Maths for Everyone’. Ironically, as it’s a subject that has transformed from the early days calculating equipment known as the Abacus. Surprisingly, to the modern day scientific calculator. Apart from the many transformations Mathematics as a subject has taken. Its algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics & Probability. Also, many other branches of mathematics that has been part of the transformations in the subject Mathematics.


There are a number of International & regional organisations that the IDM is supported by. These includes ICIAM. That is, International Council of Industrial & Applied Mathematics. CWM i.e. The Committee for Women in Mathematics of IMU. Also, ICMI, i.e. The Int. Commission of Mathematical Instruction.

Also, an Afro organisation namely, AMU. That is, African Mathematical Union & a European Org. known as EMS. Alternatively, the European Mathematical Society.

Now we can come towards America & its MCA or The Mathematical Council of the Americas & for Latin America. Its UMALCA or The Union Mathematica de America Latina y el Caribe.

The international organisation for South-East Asia. The acronym is known as SEAMS. Alternatively, The Southeast Asian Mathematical Society. Coming back to African continent again. It’s SAMSA or The Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association.

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The organisations dedicated for promotion of mathematics for women only in the developing world is OWSD. Alternatively, The Organisation for Women in Science for the Developing World. For the continent Africa, it’s AWMA. Alternatively, The African Women in Mathematics Association. Another one for Africa is AMU-CAWM or The African Mathematical Union Commission of African Women in Mathematics. For the promotion of mathematics in Europe amongst the women. It’s EWM or The European Women in Mathematics.

Apart from the ones dedicated for women as other orgs. In fact they are for Mathematics only includes ISC or Int. Science Council. Furthermore, Simons Foundation. Finally, it’s ICTP or The Int. Centre for Theoretical Physics. In addition to this, CIMPA or The Centre International de mathematiques pures et appliquees. A French Organisation with HQs in Nice, France.

MATHS IS FOR EVERYONE- Theme for 2023: 

Promoted on the IDM or the Int. Day for Mathematics. Hence, as being the concept. Obviously, is under the proposal from UNESCO & the theme is ‘Maths for everyone”.

It’s the developing world, where there is a huge deprivation for Women. That is, regards to basic education, especially Mathematics. Dedicated for the promotion of mathematics, as therefore, are the organisations. Hence, amongst the women from the developing world. Obviously are working day & night for the cause. 14th march is a dedicated day. Celebrated with different themes as it is a day of observance. However, the theme this time around is ‘Mathematics for everyone’.

Mathematics is the basis for developments in engineering. Furthermore, science & technology & computing. In fact, it’s the huge involvement of mathematics. Something, that has been a major cause of developments in the modern world. That is, purely linked with massive values. These are massive & most dynamic values associated with technology.

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Be the change in promoting mathematics. A subject that has many branches that are key in this modern era.

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