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Thanksgiving Day, as it is clearly evident from its name is a holiday falling on the second Monday every October in Canada. This year it is falling on the 10th of October 2022. For showing immense thanks to the Almighty, its a dedicated day indeed. Hence, for all the blessings that have been showered by Almighty on the country Canada. Blessed to be one of the most sustainable ones, it is truly a blessed nation. Furthermore, one of the most developed countries of the world.

A country full of natural beauty. That is, true elements of beauty. These are vital elements that are evident in all its 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada, the second largest country on the planet earth. That is, area-wise, and largest country by area in North America. Ironically, is a land of dreams for many people. Especially, true for those who are coming to Canada every year. That is, on an annual basis. A land of mix cultures and people from many countries. Hence, living a dream in Canada.

Obviously, it’s a huge prestige to dedicate a day for thanksgiving. Ironically, to give thanks to the Almighty for all the provisions. Hence, the bounties and the luxuries that are so much visible in Canada. Furthermore, the lifestyle of people living in Canada’s competitive environment. That is, all over the vast nation Canada. It’s a prosperous nation whose people owes plenty to the great North American pride, i.e. Canada.


Celebrated every second Monday of October. Importantly, as it holds a theme for the celebrations. Hence, is purely for the sake of celebrating the harvest. Apart from this, the blessings of the previous year. It is known as Canadian Thanksgiving day. Particularly, to make it different from the American Thanksgiving day. If we make a query as to what’s official. Hence, the official Thanksgiving Day in Canada started on the 6th of Nov. That is, in the year 1879. This is 142 years from today. Furthermore, Canada shall be celebrating the 143th anniversary of the Canadian Thanksgiving day.

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A day that was made unique for Canada due to the vastness & power of Canada. The power & significance that increased as a country since last few decades.  It was the Governor General of Canada, Vincent Massey who issued a vital declaration stating. Its A Day of general Thanksgiving to the Almighty God. That is, for the bountiful harvest. Hence, apart from the other blessings with which the great country Canada has been blessed. Second Monday in the October month is obviously the day of its observance.


The history goes back to the times of Martin Frobisher. A traveller from England of the era of 1579. A period that is recognised as a vital period. Hence, when the celebrations of the Thanksgiving Day occurred. That is, in the continent North America. This is the time when Martin was in search of the Northern passage. The third voyage of Mr. Martin to the Frobisher Bay of Baffin Island. Obviously, an Island that was later named after him. Hence, it exists in the present territory of Nunavut. The idea and aim behind the voyage of Martin was for the intention of starting a small settlement. The prestigious and most inspiring history of Canadian Thanksgiving Day. A celebration that goes just after the American Revolution. The time after the American Revolution is indeed a very historic time. Hence, when many Americans fled away from United States to Canada.

Thus, it all started from there in form of an inspirational celebrations. In simple words, the Americans were the ones who brought all the customs and practices. Particularly, of American Thanksgiving day to the massive land Canada. These includes, Pumpkin & Mashed potatoes being the common ones. Finally, Turkey, the famous bird taken as dinner on Christmas as being one of the key ones.


This is after the Civil war. Importantly, the period when the first Thanksgiving Day was made an observation. Hence, as a civil holiday on 5th April 1872. Especially, for the sake of celebrating the recovery of Prince Wales. Ironically, while he was recovering from a serious illness. It was observed for many years. Thus, before the day was declared as a national holiday in the year 1879. The thanksgiving day was celebrated in either late October or early November. However, since the year 1879. It is celebrated as a national holiday every year. Furthermore, this year marks its 143th anniversary of the Canadian Thanksgiving day.

To add charm to the celebrations every year. Obviously, the theme of the Thanksgiving Day keeps changing. A trend that has been in observance since its start as a national holiday. This is to reflect the important event to be thankful for. However, in the early year. Thus, it is mostly for the abundant harvest and special anniversary.


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The best part of the Thanksgiving Day in Canada is that it’s not only a public holiday. However, it’s the meal that makes it more unique. Known all over Canada as the Thanksgiving day meal. A meal which is a traditional meal. Surprisingly, not only in Canada. However, all around the whole world. The traditional foods of thanksgiving are roast, Turkey, Roast beef, ham, mashed potatoes & cranberry sauce. Also, includes pumpkin pie and apple pie. However, what’s stand out as a special dinner or dish is the Turkey Dinner. A dinner that is a mandatory thing during this public holiday.

The day is not only famous for its holiday. As well as the Thanksgiving Dinner. However, it also holds elements of celebrations in form of community celebrations. There are events that are held all around the communities in Canada. These events takes place during the week or the holiday. Also, includes different festivals. Furthermore, the fairs and harvest festivals as the season arrives in the harvest season. The Thanksgiving Day is taken very seriously by the Canadian people. Hence, as the preparation for the celebrations begins early October. This is according to the various traditions since it is regularly celebrated.


Canada’s Thanksgiving Day, which falls every second Monday of October is indeed a day for the people to celebrate Canada. A country that deserves to be celebrated. Especially, with a day dedicated for the celebrations every year. That is, by the so many nationals living in Canada. On top of this, also those who are striving hard to become Canadian nationals. Vitally, as the country gives huge prestige. In addition to this, a symbol of prestige for being thankful of ‘Being Canadian’. What’s important is to be Canadian with values & pride. Finally, with emotional bindings for the great country Canada.

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