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Thanksgiving Day holds vital significance levels attached to all the countries that celebrate this day. Some of the countries celebrate the day in form of a public holiday. While not all the countries where this day is celebrated is in form of a public holiday. However, the objective is the same in all the countries, i.e. being thankful for being a resident of the country, while enjoying the environment & values it holds for the residents.

In Canada, the day is followed on the second Monday of October, and the date that it will be observed this year is 11th October 2021.


The motto of celebrating Thanksgiving Day is solely for the purpose of being thankful for the economic prosperity of a country and its cultural heritage and all the background values attached. Similarly, Canadians are thankful on this prestigious day for their country and all the blessings of the great land that Canada is. This is thanksgiving for Canada’s economic values, social values, tourism values as well as values attached to business & finance. This is apart from the international trade and commerce activities that Canada is symbolically attached with. Being a country that is on the list of most prosperous nations as well as in the list of one of the peaceful nations Canada is moving up in the ranks every second day. Thanksgiving aligns the mission of the people of Canada along with the world that it is moving ahead in terms of all key elements that relate to economic prosperity, which is key.


A country that holds huge tourism values due to its natural beauty and gorgeous scenic beauty, e.g. the Niagara Falls, near Toronto. It’s a country that is covered in almost 38% forest land of total area and is a land of many natural resources that makes Canada a unique country. The residents of Canada celebrate and adores its beauty elements on Thanksgiving Day while giving thanks to all the blessings and bounties. Values of patriotism are clearly evident in form of cultural and national celebrations. This is in addition to the values of globalization in form of immigrations and being a country full of international students coming every year. Canada has moved up fast in the tier of USA, UK, and Australia in terms of annual migrations and people arriving in Canada as international students. A new dimension of being thankful for the economic values of living & earning in Canada.

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As far as employment opportunities are concerned, Canada stands tall in terms of values of work-life balance and employment opportunities in many diverse sectors nationwide. Thus, yet another good reason for the people and immigrants of Canada to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with increased passion and pride every year.


True values of ‘Patriotism’ & being patriotic for the country are attached with values of thankfulness on Thanksgiving Day. In Canada, the observance is in form of a national holiday on the 11th of October this year. It’s quite natural to hold values of patriotism for your country, however, being thankful apart from having the needed patriotism is an added zeal for the citizens of the country.

For a country like Canada having the power of democracy and power of freedom is an established attitude of being thankful. An attribute that is vital for the common man who has the right to vote and elect his/her own democratic leader.


          Thanksgiving Day became an officially recognized holiday in Canada in the year 1879. This date, i.e. second Monday in October is falling on the 11th of October this year. The date has moved around plenty of times before getting settled for the final time on its current observance date in the year 1957.

The day is celebrated in form of gatherings with loved ones and in preparation for the Thanksgiving Day meal. The meal includes traditionally Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and many other dishes, with regional variations on the meal. This means different meals are celebrated in different provinces and territories of Canada. As an example, we can say that instead of the Pumpkin Pie, the people from Newfoundland on this day would prefer Frobisher’s original feast and serve jigs dinner which is a boiled meat dish often paired with a split-pea pudding.

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The observance is in form of holidays as most Govt. offices are found closed. The public transport are more likely to run on a holiday schedule or a Sunday timetable. The banks are found to be closed along with the Toronto Stock Exchange. The provinces in which Thanksgiving Day is not observed as an official holiday include New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

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