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The world mental health day is a tribute to mental health. Furthermore, is taking place on the 10th of October 2022. It’s a day that celebrates mental health & well-being which is a necessity for healthy living. Obviously, the day has some historical significance attached to its celebrations. By mental health we obviously mean everything that relates to mind. Also, the diseases that relates to mental health & well-being. It can be achieved via exercises of mind. Also, includes Yoga and other mental therapies including meditation. A form of MH or mental health also includes dementia. That is memory loss, getting hyper & over sensitive over little issues and being extra cautious sometimes. The negative feelings & thoughts that arise are part of the Mental Health.


The world mental health day is the day of awareness. Everything is self-controlled. Something, that the global day largely campaigns. Hence, that is controlled from the mind. The MH problems ranging from issues like depression and anxiety disorders to conditions like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. A disorder that affect millions of people around the world. According to the statistics 1 in 5 people. That is, almost 20% of people shall be experiencing some kind of MH problems. That is, during the span of their lifetime.

These are with efforts of the WHO or World Health Organization that has gotten onboard. Thus, with supporting World Mental Health Day. In addition to this, also sees it as opportunity to have a massive scale-up. Hence, given to the investment made in the support of MH. Mental health doesn’t exactly mean that someone has lost his mind completely. Or someone is in a state of being a psycho. Alternatively, someone with mental disabilities. However, the fact is that the person is having a mental issue. Needs sorting with communication are all the psychological concerns.


The timeline associated with World Mental Health Day dates back to 1796 year in York, England.

1796- The York Retreat Centre Is Established In York, ENGLAND-  
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It happened in York in the year 1796. Established for positive results was fortunately the first ever retreat centre. Hence, for sake of mental health patients. The aim of the centre for MH was to treat patients with care. Hence, rather than treating them as prisoners. Therefore, the Quakers of Yorkshire, England begin reform by including dignity and courtesy. Obviously, in their standards of care. This was the start of a new way of treatment for Mental Health patients. That is, being courteous & being affectionate.

1840-1880- Dorthea Dix Works for Change:          

For the change movement for those affected with MH issues. Also, aiming to change the negative perceptions of mental illness. Dorthea Dix actually spends 40 years while helping patients in hospitals. That is, in the USA and Canada. A significant era in the timeline for the mental health day global observation.

1908- The Mental Health Hygiene Movement Takes Place: 

It’s 1908, & a massive step has been acknowledged. Regards to the Mental Health hygiene movement. It was Clifford Beers publishes his memoir. A mind that found itself. It was about all the horrible events. Furthermore, the abuse that he encountered during his stays in public and private institutions. It was a major & a symbolic movement in the timeline that leads to mental health day that is a global observance on 10th October.

2005- US National Suicide Prevention Hotline Begins:

A major step was taken in 2005, i.e. 17 years from today by the Govt. of USA. That is, to prevent suicide. A federal funded entity is this helpline. Further, the resource supports people with Mental Health concerns. That is, all over the massive United States of America. The helpline is active 24 hours and day and 7 days a week.


It is obviously every individual’s right to observe & support Mental Health. Hence, as far as they can. The mental health issues needs resolving with sheer thinking. On top of this, being calm. The best way to observe Mental Health is via starting to talk about feelings more actively. Have a trusted friend or a partner to share your thoughts and emotions. Also, exactly what you think. Obviously, it’s important for the people to think positive. Apart from the positive, their friends and partners can help them achieve this milestone.

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Another key thing is to stay active and fit. As they say, ‘An ideal mind is a devil’s workshop’. One has to occupy the mind all the time with positive vibes. Also, with healthy and motivational thinking. Exercising regularly not only keeps fit. However, also helps in diffusing Mental Health issues that includes negative thoughts.

Stay connected and be socially active is the best way to avoid Mental Health problems. Easily & smoothly can be resolved are these problems. Obviously, if you have a social connection. You are busy on social media, such as Facebook. Finally, have friends to socialise with. ‘A positive connection is always a good connection’.

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