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There are a number of endangered species in this world and British Columbia is the land of few of them in the list of the Canadian provinces. A fish that is now in the list of the endangered species is White Sturgeon. That is, getting rare and needs conserving for the sake of preserving the environment. To conserve endangered species, they need efforts from the Govt. apart from efforts from people. Especially, after getting aware of the dangers attached to species. However, all it takes is an understanding of the conserving efforts as these efforts might vary. Particularly, according to the characteristics of the species and their environments or natural habitat. For example A White Sturgeon is a fish found in the massive Canadian waters. Especially, found in areas of British Columbia. It’s important to know the difference to conserve a land animal. Hence, as compared to species from the sea and underwater.

The White Sturgeons live on the West coast of the continent North America. In the provincial boundaries of British Columbia they live in the Fraser and Columbia rivers and estuaries. They are the biggest fresh-water fish on the continent. Apart from this, can live to be over 100 years old. In recent times dams, over fishing, and especially water pollution have threatened these pre-historic species. According to an in-depth research all of the populations are listed as endangered. Except, the Lower Fraser River population, which is threatened but not endangered.


The population of The White Sturgeon is impacted by a hydroelectric dam that is in the Nechako River. This is a popular and a very old dam built in the year 1952 and the dam is the root cause of the changes in the river’s water flow, quality and finally water level. However, with the dam reducing the water flow, has caused slit to settle over the gravel. This is where the sturgeons lay their eggs. The slit is a challenge as it doesn’t hide the eggs apart from the rough gravel, which are exposed to predators. Thus, causing the eggs to become a prey for predators and finally a massive cause of White Sturgeon being one of the endangered species.

According to a very recent study that was done by a UNBC graduate student. The study after in-depth research found that otters in the Nechako River eats Juvenile Sturgeons. Hence, this also maybe a valid reason and an explanation for the low survival and spawning rates post-release of hatchery sturgeon.


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It’s not only in B.C. province of Canada that Sturgeons are found to be endangered. It is on a globalised scale that the Sturgeon are being threatened and found to be on a low scale. The species around the world are under threat due to a huge reason being climate change and also due to poor water quality. According to results that are world wide a massive 87% of the Sturgeon families are endangered.

Actions can be taken especially by people who love fishing that they should educate themselves and read the fishing regulations before going on a trip. Also, before going fishing don’t forget to have a fresh water fishing license as well as a White Sturgeon conservation tag. Always prefer to purchase the Sturgeon meat, Caviar and other products from licensed dealers and sellers. These are people who are committed for the sake of conserving the species.

Conservation efforts on the Govt. level are always underway but on an individual basis they should be noted and monitored.

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