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Don’t Worry, Darling: Everything Will Be Okay


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It’s arriving on the Venice Film Festival on a rapid-growing tide of negative media attention, Olivia Wilde’s Be a Worry Darling isn’t nearly so bad as people believe it to be, or as effective as it might need to be in order to get over the negative publicity nightmare that its press release has become. With all the talk of a dysfunctional stage, of actors slipping in love with their director. We could have expected a chaotic mixed-up catastrophe. But if only. This film flows smoothly, proficient, (mostly) well-acted, and just plain boring.

In a well groomed urban utopia of the mid-century. The place where the film set is located precisely. Thus, set right between a desert. Darling examines the increasing self-awareness of a housewife in her 20s. Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) and her loving spouse Jack (Harry Styles) is the one who sets off each morning. Hence, along with the rest of the men for a secret job. ‘Progressive Material’, with what’s known in the film. In which he is working.


There are echoes of The “secret towns” from the Manhattan Project. The pre-fab homes constructed for The U.S. military during the construction of the Atom Bomb. The Chambers neighbourhood is part of what is known as “The Victory Project”. Well-organized & well planned is everything in the project. In this place, men are men while women can be women. Where steaks and cocktails await hubby when he gets home. Where the individuals are awarded, precisely. Obviously, with plenty of smiles and/or lots of amazing sex.

There is clearly something wrong with this. The wives wave their hands with unison to their husbands. The men leave with gleaming uniforms, glistening multi-colored vehicles to the desert. The women attend dance classes , where they learn, “There is beauty in control. There is beauty in the symmetry.” On the radio Frank’s voice. Frank (Chris Pine) the Victory Project’s chief provides a shrewdly explicit bromides like “You deserve what you’ve selected to be.”

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In the next episode, he’ll speak about how the biggest enemy to advancement is chaos. In the Venice press conference to promote the film Wilde and her crew spoke about how, despite all the historical aspects of the film it’s really about present day. “The characters we play were real people living in an environment. Ironically, that is very similar to similar to our ourselves,” Pine said. Pine didn’t have to mention that. The movie doesn’t do a great job on this issue.

What’s the best way to let such a tale go. Even though it’s evident at the start that there’s something terribly insidious going on beneath the surface? Cinema has already produced the two different version of The Stepford Wives. Obviously, not to mention films such as Suburbicon. As well as Blue Velvet and Pleasantville. Furthermore, many other films that focus on the toxic beneath of a quaint, pleasant home life. (There are many other reference factors one could make for the film Don’t Worry Darling however, they’d be spoilers.) Films about utopias that later end up being dystopias. Have to either figure out ways to make their utopias seem appealing. Alternatively, get the ball moving in such a dramatic or bizarre manner. Compelled to be captivated, obviously. Thus, to the character’s voyages of exploration.

Don’t Be Worried Darling unfortunately, it does not do any of these things. It simply asks us to observe as Alice begins to realize. That something sinister lurks in the Victory Project which could become boring and repetitive over time. Alice’s awareness grows from black and white visions of dancers. Furthermore, her worry for her neighbour to the south. Apart from this, former close friend, Margaret (KiKi Layne). Who, we learn, lost her son in the desert. Furthermore, isn’t ever the same since.

One day, as she rides the Victory trolley that transports ladies to appointment. Alice observes an air plane flying off the ground behind the mountains. Alice informs the driver that she would like to assist. “I am not going to that route,” he says, in a tense manner. “That’s not my way.” It could be a moment of shock. However, Victory’s community Victory is so terribly controlled. Furthermore, exactly that it is not a huge surprise. Therefore, we take our time as Alice is shocked, then heads off to the desert by herself. It’s not fun when the viewers are so far in front of characters.

The film is, in its own way is akin to the city in Victory itself. As a director Wilde is a skilled eye. Apart from this, the film’s many moments of stoic grace are an appealing visual impact. In her debut directorial effort, Book smart. She used the structure of the story’s episodic nature. Obviously, to play with styles and throw concepts at the screen. The film created a virtue of chaos. Don’t worry Darling is a virtuous example of orderliness, but it is only a small step. We wait for the film to shock us. or to shock us. We wait to see the world go through a whirlwind.

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In this way, Pugh does nervousness and fear well. She can make Alice’s growing anxieties as real. As is even though the script does not provide her with a variety of intriguing options to engage in. As Bunny Alice’s best friend. Apart from this, wise-cracking, drink-drinking Den mother to the gang of Victory wives. Wilde herself seems to have a lot of amusement. Pine makes for an incredibly charismatic cult leader of the proto-fascist movement; the film gets a pleasant spark of energy every time Pine is on screen. The weak point to the story is Styles who isn’t lacking in talent. However, does not provide Jack the dimension or the inner conflict that the character requires. Particularly, given the direction the film’s final destination is.

The idea behind this kind of movie has been seen enough times to. Hence, it is now possible to find some off-the-shelf explanations for the possible causes. We’ve been sucked up enough times that the mindfuck movie has lost some of its ability to be awe-inspiring and surprise, particularly when it announces in its first frames that it is an mind-fucking movie.

The film, Don’t Be Worry Darling. Ultimately, has a rather familiar surprise which is sure to have been a flash in many people’s minds. Hence, while watching the film. The explanation, however, ends into becoming one of the best parts of the film, as Wilde provides sufficient frenzied excitement that the twist is able to reframe a lot of what’s been seen before. This, in turn, adds that element of chaos that the film is sorely lacking. Does it do enough? Most likely not. However, it’s not a complete fail, neither.

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