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Loretta Lynn Life Mourned By Country Music Community, Fans


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Stars as well as fans react on the death of Loretta Lynn. A famous celebrity who passed away on Tuesday at her home at age of 90.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Stars as well as fans react in shock at reaction to death of Loretta Lynn. Someone, who died Tuesday in her home, aged 90.

“Mama And Loretta Lynn are four years separated, Mama being the oldest. I always thought they reminded me of one another. They were strong women who were parents to their kids and were incredibly loyal. They’re both now in Heaven having a chance to visit and discuss the way they were raised. Apart from this, the differences in country music nowadays from when they were kids. It makes me feel happy knowing that Mama came first. So she could greet Loretta into the blissful world in heaven!” — Reba McEntire on Instagram.

“We’ve been sisters for through all the years we’ve spent living in Nashville. As she’s an amazing human being. Furthermore, a wonderful artist was a millionaire with million of fans and I’m among them. I will miss her deeply like we all do.” -Dolly Parton wrote on Twitter. Dolly Parton wrote on Twitter.

“Today is a very sad day. The world lost a wonderful human being. Loretta Lynn was a great artist as well as a strong and determined country music pioneer, and a wonderful friend. I am heartbroken. My deepest condolences go out to her family, friends, and her faithful fans. ” Sissy Spacek, in an announcement.

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“She was a legendary figure and she did the things she wanted to. I am blessed to have her as a my friend. Miss u already Loretta. I love you. Rest now, angel.” -Darius Rucker on Twitter. Darius Rucker via Twitter.

“My heart is broken with the news of my sweet friend Loretta Lynn passing. I will remember all the sweet visits and laughs we shared. RIP sweet Angel.” — Stella Parton via Twitter.

“Oh beautiful Loretta Lynn… how wonderful an amazing life! What an iconic figure! On top of that an inspiration! & What a gorgeous soul! May she rest in peace among the saints. My thoughts are with her family and friends.” -LeAnn Rimes via Twitter.

“It’s possible to say that I would not be playing songs today. Thus, in the genre of country if it wasn’t because of Loretta Lynn. She taught me how it felt as a professional musician as well as a mother. The way she wrote was just as authentic as the days are long. It hurts on a different level. I’ll be missing her for the rest of my life.” Margo Price, via Twitter.

“Celebrating Loretta Lynn’s life” Loretta Lynn. One of my greatest accomplishments was when I was able to have Loretta Lynn. Hence, along with George Jones on a song I composed called “Country Music Has The Blues”. The lady gave me this amazing present on the date.” -” Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted. Also, included an image of the signed album Lynn handed him.

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“Listening to nothing other than Loretta Lynn throughout the remainder on the day. RIP to a legend in the world of country music. It’s a shame.” -The musician Parker McCollum via Twitter.

“She was an source of inspiration. R.I.P. Loretta Lynn” — The singer-songwriter Carole King tweeted, using an emoji of a heart.

“Rest in all sorts and awe, Loretta Lynn. We’ll be missing the two of you.” – The singer Roseanne Cash, via Twitter.

“There was nobody like Loretta. She was a pioneer of the genre, and was an inspiration to so many women in their teens. …. My wife and daughters were among them.” -Tim McGraw, via Twitter. Tim McGraw, via Twitter.

“Very sad news this morning … LORETTA LYNN has gone home … Great Britain lost their Queen … now we have lost ours.” – Oak Ridge Boys, via Twitter. Oak Ridge Boys, via Twitter.

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“RIP Loretta Lynn. Great songwriter, great vocalist as well as one of the most courageous and most cool country icons of all time. As much as anyone to bring the music genre into a new time. Additionally, she created “Fist City” and totally got the song’s title “Fist City” — Steven Hyden on Twitter.

“It isn’t enough to state it is true that Country Music has lost Loretta Lynn and her family. But, but we have lost a real legend of music. Loretta was a person who’s contribution and impact led to the creation of countless artists. Furthermore, transformed music into a universal art form. Country genre into a global art form. … as a pioneering singer. Also, songwriter, she sang about culturally and socially relevant issues that would later define the generation. I’ll keep in mind Loretta for her wit creativity, talent and genius. The thing that surpassed her contemporaries such as Bob Dylan. Also, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.” – Sarah Trahern, Country Music Association CEO in an announcement.

“We’ve lost a real Tennessee value today. Loretta Lynn was a force to be reckoned by and pioneered women’s involvement in country music.” Senator. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee via Twitter.

“The tale of Loretta Lynn’s life is different from every other. Yet she was able to create an entire collection of work. This is work, that is awe-inspiring to people who may not fully comprehend her dark. Apart from this, the distant childhood, her shaky early years. Otherwise, even her journey to becoming a famous and adored famous person. In a business of music that is often dominated by the future and fantasies, Loretta insisted on sharing her own bold and uncompromising story.” -Kyle Young, CEO of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Kyle Young, CEO of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

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