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Social Media & social networking websites are a common entity that are used by people. This is especially true on a day-to-day basis. However, in the life of youth especially it has a massive role to play regards to their daily activities. These activities includes setting up a new business, studying and travelling for fun. Also includes, e-learning & fitness activities. Social media including the YouTube is a massive source for the youth to re-engineer their thoughts & emotions. Also, to cluster them for forward thinking including career goals. Social media in form of the social networking website e.g. Facebook is an example of people interacting with each other. Wishing birthday messages every day and using networking for the sake of career and for the business prospects. Especially, for the youth the role of social media is scientifically smart and motivational. This is with regards to the goals of the Youth for their future. The passion to learn, earn money smartly and networking is achieved extensively by the use of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Also includes, Myspace and YouTube. Personalised YouTube marketing via the use of YouTube channels is indeed the latest upbringing and a massive step towards the transformation of youth towards sustainable developments.

While psychologically boosting the attitude of youth and making them learn the importance of time is the aim of social media and their different platforms. It triggers into the minds of the youth a positive determination and a unique way to fight the challenges of life. The way in which Facebook works simultaneously for the goals of people and motivate them every day to live a happy and motivated life is the reason it has been developed. The psychology behind Facebook is ‘Live Life King Size’ and always feel good for yourself.

The various different ways in which social media effects youth positively; 

TRAVEL MOTIVATION:                 

Travel motivation is a unique type of motivation that is triggered in the minds of people via photography. Also includes, the usage of videos to motivate people. YouTube and Facebook are the two major platforms on social media that triggers motivational travelling amongst people. Especially, those who can afford to travel and love travelling different places. These are places according to the historical significance. Another parameters includes, landscape or beauty significance or other passionate aspects. Travel motivation is also for the marketing purposes. However, for the youth it is part of their adventure life and always boosts them achieve their goals.


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Self-motivational videos and images are a common entity that are a part of social media. Especially, for the youth it becomes part of their ideology and brings them closer to their goals of life apart from providing the emotional satisfaction. Works effectively in times when people especially the teens are down and out. On top of this, they need a social boost or a motivational push to fight the negative thoughts.


For young entrepreneurs social media has been a massive source of re-treat and a marketing medium. It is indeed a platform that provides some unique and diverse opportunities of digital marketing. These are opportunities that are attracted by young entrepreneurs for psychological reasons as compared to established businesses. Facebook and You Tube, the two best forms of digital marketing tools are used effectively. Ironically, by young entrepreneurs while making an online presence.

Young entrepreneurs in the business world not only enjoy their online presence while using social media as a marketing tool. But, they also celebrate with social networking websites like Facebook their brand image and the unique brand identity.


Your growing up days are the most beautiful moments that you want to adore all your life. Social networking websites are a rich source of providing confidence and increasing self-confidence every day. It gives you the opportunity to show your most wanted images. Also, your confident pictures and your iconic videos and celebration images. All these pics shows your confidence level. At the same time, while facing the challenges of the professional world.


The power of social media including Facebook, You Tube and Twitter is an ultimate source or provider of positive thinking. Gives all the ingredients to avoid ill-thinking and negative thinking. Also, aligns your thoughts and goals more accurately and systematically. How they empower positive thinking? A question that might be arising in many minds. YouTube and Facebook are platforms that helps people socialise. Furthermore, make a network and makes them realise the importance of a healthy life. Apart from the travel motivations, it empowers academic and social motivation. Also, diminishes negative emotions from the minds of young people.


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Networking is indeed an art of the most professional people who want to make success a habit. These are young and determined minds. In addition to these, the professionals who want to become rich entrepreneurs and business people. Social networking, i.e. through Facebook helps young people achieve their career goals while sitting from home. This can be through the process of learning a foreign language on social media. Alternatively, developing skills and attributes that are worth your business objectives.


Social media develops the psychology of youth in multiple ways. Especially, while giving the young people an attitude towards their milestones. It triggers positive psychology in young people. Furthermore, makes them more self-aware of how to handle difficult situations. Through the frequent use of Facebook, the sense of being competitive in the youth grows to much more optimum levels. Makes the youth realise the importance of a positive mental psychology.

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