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COVID-19, as we all know is the current crisis that the world is undergoing and we are all facing testing times. It’s my request to all employees of MBE Inc. that are in Pakistan, Canada or the United States, please fight it out. Please stay united in this critical time and don’t panic as panic is not the answer. It is neither the solution to what’s happening as it would only make things worse for us and for the company. Stay positive and stay safe at home. Ironically, as we all know Corona has taken so many lives all over the world. I am truly blessed to be in a country i.e. Canada, which is highly equipped to handle all kinds of extreme and disastrous situations.

The world has been facing pandemics for 100 years, maybe more. However, this is the best time to come out of such a situation. Money is not the answer to the current situation, it’s about survival. Therefore, we all must ensure that we stay like a team wherever we are. Appreciation for all our employees whether in Canada, Pakistan or the USA is important to help each other and motivate with optimism. Soon, by the grace of Almighty, we shall come out of this situation.


It’s not that optimism is important, it’s the only way we can handle a situation like ‘COVID-19’.  Please stay alert if you are at home, or working by any chance, consult the doctor especially if you feel any symptoms of COVID-19. Please make sure that the environment you are living in doesn’t harm people around you. As part of our CSR i.e. Corporate Social responsibilities, we are giving awareness measurements with ground realities to all our customers. This is especially for those customers that are coming to our hotels i.e. Senator and Algonquin Inn. We can reduce tensions together with optimism as humans have different mental levels. As some people in such a scenario can panic and can get themselves and others into more stressful scenarios. Prefer staying home, as it is important in current times, especially if you are not feeling well or under stress.

As President of MBE Inc. I am highly aware of my roles and responsibilities. I believe that in such a scenario thinking positively is mandatory. Food is everyone’s requirement and we must have a good and healthy diet to avoid stress. Please share your workload while working from home and respect each other without lying. What’s important is that employees have trust in each other, and what they are doing as a team.

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MBE Inc. is highly aware and silently observing all employees. Hence, it’s our duty to provide protection whether it’s financially or emotionally.  Govt. is introducing policies of change regards to the current crisis, this is all part of their positive gestures. What’s important for the Canadian Govt. is to get out of this situation rather than getting money from the people. A positive gesture always helps in getting out of extreme situations, i.e. situations we have not created for ourselves.

everyday is crucial in fight against COVID
everyday is crucial in fight against COVID


Even if we are away from work, or working from home, what counts is our strategy and agendas every day. What can we give to our future leaders and ambassadors if we can’t fight the current pandemic named ‘COVID-19’? No army can fight the virus, but if we as the human race are together we can always fight it out. Please give importance to each and everything. Wash your hands regularly, and create an environment of change. Our employees in Canada, Pakistan, and the USA should all feel self-motivated to fight the current pandemic. Most importantly, optimism will definitely keep us motivated from the inside. Save the planet, save your country and save yourselves.


I would like to give special appreciation to all my investors and merchants. Thanks for staying there and thanks for being there, as this is a situation we all are facing. I am pretty sure it’s just a timely scenario. Once we are free from this, our relations will be stronger. Hence, we must have good working bonds with each other for a long long time. What’s more important is the goodwill that we have invested in each other and created a bridge of trust.

Courtesy by Syed Mansoor Naqvi

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Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi
Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvihttps://blog.mbeforyou.com
The President & CEO of MBE Group. His thoughts and how to be positive esp. while fighting with COVID-19. A successful man & a great ability writer.

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