Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that causes respiratory illness e.g. common cold. It can also cause severe illnesses SARS i.e. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The symptoms of the virus are mild in some while severe in others. It purely depends on the amount of immunity of a person. In addition to this, how much that person has been affected by the virus. One of the most deadly viruses originated from Wuhan China from a local seafood and animal market known as the Huanan Seafood market. It hopped over to humans through physical contact with an infected animal. The virus has the capability and is spreading through close contact.

The affected countries include Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, and the United States. The hazards linked with the virus and the virus itself are being combated with mutual efforts. The Chinese and US govt. along with the other countries are working together to contain the virus spread. On international grounds especially on international airports mutual efforts have taken new heights. This is because of the death toll that has reached 256 now with more expected every day.


It is since the first virus that originated from bats, from a seafood market called the Huanan Seafood Market. Many officials have claimed that it spread from an animal to humans. While there was another new study that claimed that the new virus i.e. 2019 – nCOV could have originated from snakes. In the Huanan Seafood Market, it was found that no bats were being sold. Research has shown that comparatively speaking the old virus has many similarities to the latest version. According to researchers, there were two corona-viruses that originated in bats. Additionally, both shared 88% of their genetic sequence with that of COVID-19. However, snakes were sold at Huanan Seafood Market. But, there are some researchers who believe that they are unclear whether coronavirus can infect snakes.



The spreading of the Coronavirus between people was just like the normal virus spreading, but the impacts have been devastating in terms of human loss and other financial losses that include bilateral trade. However, the USA reported on Feb 2 was their first report. It clearly said that they have the first case of a person to person virus in one of their citizens. However, people who didn’t travel to China directly or in-directly also got influenza and they were from many different countries, making it more dangerous than it seems. The countries are the USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam, Japan and France. The virus spreading happened via air i.e. through cough and sneezing. It also happened through personal contact i.e. touching or shaking hands.

In addition to this, there are reasons which include through an object or a surface with viral particles and finally fecal contamination. It’s just like any other virus that travels through the air, however, the impacts are deadly for the affected and have caused massive deaths and raised alarms all over the world. It has also resulted in flight delays, cancellations and diverts from many airports due to the deadly nature of the virus that originated from a Seafood market in Wuhan.

aid v px Prevent Coronavirus
aid v px Prevent Coronavirus


There were vital and critical elements considered especially in the USA. However, since the virus started there were some incredible steps taken to combat it. The city Wuhan and nearby cities are now on lockdown i.e. nobody can come and go. As part of the contagious processes, Taiwan and Hong Kong have said that nobody will be allowed from Hubei province i.e. the province where Wuhan is located.

As part of Airport health checks and screening procedures, the USA has imposed many screenings on its airports since Coronavirus started. This has been on major US Airports as according to a number count 15 airports are reportedly following screening procedures with strict adherence. They have recommended to the US citizens to avoid all non-essential travels to China. 200 American citizens have been evacuated from Wuhan city and the monitoring process is taking 14 days for the signs of infection. A national ban on online products and in restaurants for the sale of wildlife.


Since Feb 2, US Citizens, permanent residents, and immediate family, anyone who visited China’s Hubei Province will undergo a mandatory 2-week quarantine to make sure that they don’t have any virus symptoms before they meet the general public. The USA has strictly imposed a ban on traveling by a foreign national who has traveled to China in the recent past i.e. 14 days period.

Mutual steps were taken by the Govts. of both countries i.e. China and the USA for Coronavirus. For immediate cure and remedy, drastic steps were taken on a global scale. All these health measurements are under the supervision of WHO i.e. World Health Organization whose primary objective is a fast cure and minimum fatalities, especially in the affected zones.

Prevention from a disease
Prevention from a disease


Prevention from a disease or a virus is a necessity when it can get out of control and can be a cause of many deaths. As part of the precautions these are the mandatory measurements that people must adopt as of today;

  • Wash hands with soap and water
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid any sort of close contact with sick people
  • Prefer to stay home when sick
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched objects.
  • After recent traveling from China within two weeks, seek medical care and ask for medical tests & assistance immediately.

It needs precautions just like any other virus symptoms as prevention is better than cure. Wearing gloves and masks especially if doubt of any virus effects is a must for a common person. On a timely and precautionary basis, contact with wildlife can be made minimal.  If it’s necessary or part of your job to do animal care, you should always make sure that you follow all the safety procedures that are recommended.


People’s Republic of China. It is the largest city in Hubei and the most populous city in Central China, with a population of over 11 million, the ninth most populous Chinese city, and one of the nine National Central Cities of China. wikipedia

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  1. Actually lab-escape theory is so far the more widely accepted conspiracy theory. It had been circulating on social media for weeks, and gained considerable visibility following a New York Post article in late February. But there is a lot of scholarly evidence to suggest that coronavirus was not manufactured in the laboratory. Even if the exact source of the disease is not known yet, the virus originally came from wildlife. In the past , these viruses have spread through wild bats that infect another type of animal – an intermediate host – that then spreads it to humans.