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There are many industries worldwide that have stopped their hiring in the midst of COVID-19 and its global effects. However, the swift change in the business and the change management strategies are timely. It doesn’t mean that companies are not hiring or companies have stopped their hiring. There are companies in some key sectors that are still hiring. Furthermore, they are taking new recruits as their needs are not hindered even by the devastations of COVID-19.

These industries are the key industries and include Pharmaceuticals industry & Teleworking Software. In addition to these, Grocery Stores and Tech Support or Call Centre, Staff. The employees in this industry are one of the sharpest and most hardworking people. They are people who have made a huge reputation worldwide through sheer hard work and determination. The basic necessities of health, care and food provisions are a must during the times of Coronavirus. Useful strategies are being adopted at national and international level by these industries following strict change management programs.

Rationally, it’s important to earn bread and butter still in the times that are hard and have been a cause of deaths in many countries. The pandemics in the past are proof of the robustness and efficiency of the health care system. This is especially in countries like USA, Canada, UK and France.


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Here are the four industries or businesses that are still hiring in the middle of Coronavirus; these are:

pharmaceutical industry
pharmaceutical industry


Health is a huge priority in today’s world even though most countries are affected by the pandemic that has caused global devastations. According to a study, 44% of the Americans today are taking at least one prescription medication, while 17% taking three or more. The pharma industry is far from closing their doors as medicine and health care has been the priority that should be overlooked apart from other priorities. It is, on the contrary, the influx in health as a priority has sent the pharmacies, health companies, generally the pharmaceuticals industry into a new wave of needed support. It is one of the most wanted industry especially in current times as most people are running everywhere to get a prescribed medicine or to a doctor while they have even the slightest symptoms of COVID-19.

Whether you need a mask, a sanitizer or medicine to fight flu, you got to rush to your nearest pharmacy. Pfizer, the US Multinational pharmaceuticals industry is a huge example as they have been witnessing mixed sales. However, they have still not halted their hiring procedures, especially in the United States. Other examples of companies in the pharmaceuticals industry are;


The Company is hiring approximately 20,000 positions across its infrastructure from pharmacy technicians to customer service people. The ongoing hiring is an example of the work in progress to fight the pandemic and making people aware at the same time. The company is a US-based company and was formed in 1901. It is high in demand with regards to the pharmaceutical industry requirements.

  • CVS:

CVS is another American pharmaceuticals company that is hiring in the current financial crisis. They plan to hire approximately 50,000 full-time, part-time, and temporary employees. The company has partnered with hospitality companies like Hilton & Marriot to support the hiring workers.

teleworking software industry
teleworking software industry


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Industry apart from pharmaceuticals that have not stopped their hiring. The industry has seen a steady incline with remote work increasing by 44% since the last 5 years, and especially in times of Coronavirus. As many countries are under lockdown for a couple of months. The social distancing measures are being imposed in most countries, therefore, people are working remotely from home and staying in touch with their day-to-day task management. For effective remote working, the employees need a broader reach through video conferences, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration services. Here are some telecommunication companies that are still hiring amid COVID-19 outbreak.

  • ZOOM:

The Company is hiring in almost all its key functions and departments. This include tech support, engineering, finance, & above all customer care as according to stats the usage of Zoom has been the most since last few months.

  • SLACK:

The company Slack has just added hundreds of new vacancies and openings in accounting, customer care and the sales teams.

grocery stores
grocery stores


The shopping markets and supermarkets are always busy while serving their most honourable customers. However, during COVID-19 and lock-downs this trend has seen a downward slope, as more people are now relying on online purchases if they are available. These shopping markets these days are the only outing while following strict quarantine, especially in dedicated times. The large groceries are the ones that are stepping forward with a huge need for swift and high headcount. They are the ones who can easily afford to hire people even in the COVID-19 outbreak. The big supermarkets are constantly looking for support workers for stocking shelves all the way to managing supply chain logistics as well as handling public relations. The companies that are still hiring in the grocery chain industries are;


The grocery chain Krogers is still hiring with over 10,000 positions in their current listings.

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The American Multinational Supermarket and Grocery chain are known as Walmart all over the world, and as ASDA in the United Kingdom and Ireland as a subsidiary chain. The company is looking just over 150,000 workers in North America only and the superstore has streamlined the process of application from 2 weeks to 24 hours. This is just due to the impacts and hazards of COVID-19 as Walmart needs more people currently in its chains worldwide than any other supermarket chain.

tech support
tech support


The tech support teams and the Call Centre industry people are still being hired all over the world especially in the United States and Canada. Call Centre and Tech Support industry is huge and holds a huge job market as well. With the close of the physical call, centres closed down as offices are under the lockdown in most countries.

However, with remote work more popular these days most people need tech support help due to setting up, the pairing of devices and troubleshooting help. Most people in North America, especially in the United States and Canada, just have a basic know-how of technical devices and mostly they need help.

  • Support.com:

The Company have announced lately that they are hiring unlimited people for their remote support agent roles. All these hiring positions will fill the demand for technical and call centre support. These are openings for people who enjoy customer service, working with people and like problem-solving roles.


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