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In the current scenario, world is dealing with human impacts. Furthermore, the impacts on many different businesses that have been evident globally. The financial concerns and job concerns are one of the first human impacts of the virus. Hence, as the businesses close for the prevention of pandemic COVID-19 and its invariable impacts. The lockdown in many countries has been the cause of an increase in people’s stress levels. The economic impacts are on a larger scale, on a national and international level. It has affected global tourism, travel, hospitality, economic activity, and SME activity to a huge extent. According to the domino effect, all this affects the least well paid. Highly interlinked are all the entities in the economic life cycle of a country. Comparatively, it’s just like a bomb being a cause of huge destructions & human losses.

human consequences
human consequences


As humans all over the world have been facing casualties and devastations due to pandemics and epidemics in the past. Hence, what precautionary measures to adopt in such situations than they were before in the times of earlier pandemics. HIV or AIDS is an example, originated from West Africa, from Chimpanzees. It was termed as the most dangerous diseases that have been transferable sexually or through physical contact in humans. The pandemic was in literal terms incurable and it still is 97%. However, there has been a global awareness through media and campaigns to let people know about AIDS. Awareness campaigns with slogans like, “Have Safe Physical contact”, or “Be Safe in Physical Contact”. All these have been highly critical in people’s knowledge awareness regards to pandemic AIDS.

Talking in terms of COVID-19 human consequences, have related to industries such as manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, and travel. The last three are interlinked, as the tourism industry has directly impacted the hospitality industry and travel. People are facing the psychological impacts of COVID-19. This is largely for sports stars & people who love socializing and exercise regularly in Gym and people who can’t live without their friends or have a significant social life. We have also witnessed the loss of events and cancellations e.g. Tokyo Olympics and Wimbledon Championship. It was during World War II that Wimbledon was canceled.

effects on developing nations
effects on developing nations


There are some Welfare states including Canada that have announced economic measures. The purpose is for the safeguarding of jobs, guarantee of wages, and support for the self-employed. These are countries especially from the developing world and those who have a huge population living below the poverty line. Hence people earn money on a daily wage pattern. These are the ones most affected as there is no such guarantee of funds. Hence, a huge test of the human race lies ahead when the restoration of losses comes into play.

At the same time, it’s important to know the psychological effects. As the ‘Fear of the Unknown’ can make a person’s mindset negative. Fear of the unknown can often lead to panic situations. Hence, the main reason behind the psychological effects especially in the developing nations. Ironically arises from the fear of not controlling the situation. Hence, or a sense of lack of control in the face of uncertainty.

mandatory actions from business communities
mandatory actions from business communities


Anywhere in the world, health measures must be the first and foremost priority for the Govt. Businesses and societies. The society’s self-awareness measures hold supreme impacts for a changing situation. The action of a single human can turn into the action of the whole society with collective measures. In addition to solidarity, working together for the protection of staff, local communities, and the customers. They must also make sure the operations stay active i.e. keeping supply chains, manufacturing, and logistics working. Hence, the power of the internet in this regard is huge.

Daily updates on the company’s website with useful inputs from the scientists and experts are highly recommended. This is a requirement for the general awareness of staff and regular and prospective customers. This is particularly important for large companies as their production levels are higher in comparison to smaller companies. Therefore, constant messages from CEOs and higher management or directors are important. These messages will definitely bring people closer in terms of recovery procedures and mutual efforts. Coming up with new ideas of how businesses can play their role in fighting this cancer. The key is to make people realize to a larger extent. The realizations should be that we need to take a step against COVID-19 before it comes to us.

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