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A pandemic or a disease e.g. COVID-19 is a huge cause of bringing mental health issues, negative thoughts, and highly disturbs the emotional settings related to an employee’s working hours 9-5 daily. A situation that has occurred in the whole world. It has caused lock-downs while impacting the financial sector as well. Highly affecting many businesses as it has caused business losses and other failures in service deliverables. This also includes businessmen and self-employed people hence causing huge stress issues due to the pandemic COVID-19.

The negative aspects associated with prolonged isolation of COVID-19 has become a great cause of mental health issues, anxiety, and an increase in stress levels. Corporate workers following strict work routines don’t like being stuck at home. This is initially because they have associations that are deeply linked with colleagues at the workplace. It can literally get very hard to cope-up with such issues. However, the best thing is to have a higher focus on your work from home targets. Keep your focus high and bright as it is vitally important to achieving success irrespective of the global scenarios.

According to Dr. Hans Kluge, WHO’s regional director for Europe the Physical distancing and isolation measures are a challenging scenario. This is especially because we are lacking what we love to do and who we want to be with every day. Everyone has immunity with the routine and everyone loves tackling the daily career challenges.


Work from home or working remotely in COVID-19 has some unique challenges attached to it apart from mental health problems. Linked up with personal development plans as well as career goals. It is a blessing at the same time it has some unique challenges. It is seen as a dream set-up, especially for people who love their home environment. This is especially for those who have higher levels of attachments from home and have good experience of working remotely. Teamwork & dedication issues are amongst the challenges associated with remote working. These are apart from the many positives that work from home possess.

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Cutting out totally from your workplace can be a cause of many motivational and mental health problems. You can have remote meetings via digital media tools and applications. However, still, you shall be lagging behind in teamwork and mutual collaborations. Teamwork and working together for shared goals are also very effective remotely. However, it is at its best when people work together in-house and they have one common agenda. Empowering your goals and taking work ownership is better and easier when you work in-house rather than work remotely.

Another disadvantage or a challenge of working from home is that people can witness varying situations and different scenarios. Along with the work assignments, the domestic tasks can become bound to attend for the corporate workers. This scenario makes it a bit mixed-up i.e. blending of both home and work life will lead to longer hours of working from home. Hence, this can affect your other habits and essentials and your routine job tasks as well.

Giving priority to work while working remotely as well is highly important. Hence, mental health issues can be avoided through a focused approach.

stress managing while working from home
stress managing while working from home


Managing stress while working from home can be easier depends on the number of people living with you. It can also be good to avoid mental health issues strategically. If you live alone you will be having no social interactions at all and at home as well it will be the same scenario. You will have to manage stress by watching movies, television, your favourite sports, or listening to your favourite music. Relaxing is important while working from home so that you can have an eye on your targets and vision for accomplishing them. While working it’s important to take regular breaks, have a cup of tea, do some regular exercises. Physical activity will always keep you charged and motivated for the future goals.

What’s important for you while working from home is to isolate yourself for your work only. Just stay away from family quarrels, don’t give time to your kids only when you are free. Furthermore, make sure that you enjoy your workspace and your work station while you are busy at work.

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According to a work from the home specialist, you have to be open enough with your plans, especially with your team. You should have clear boundaries and you have to be open to flexibility. Be moral support for your colleague remotely, or share your plans regards to work. This is the best way to handle mental health issues during a pandemic.

Keeping in mind the precautions needed to stay away from the pandemic. COVID-19 has turned out to be one of the rarest pandemics in history. However, what’s more, necessary is that you have the mental well-being to encounter the pandemic. Social distancing and isolation is not the only answer, there are many more solutions attached to the disease.

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