strategy at work
strategy at work

Making successful and latest business strategies into a post-pandemic world is a huge necessity. Hence, especially to make contingency planning & re-enforcement of the recovery process. This is a vital responsibility of key individuals especially the senior corporate leaders. Hence, this is mainly due to the change management that has occurred in organizations due to COVID-19 and its effects. As we discuss the change management in a bit more detail. Hence, the trends and the norms that were applicable prior to the pandemic. They have seen an acceleration that is positive in terms of strategy.

Primarily, this is for businesses to keep a focus on their strategies, especially the challenging ones. In the lockdown phase of the pandemic, explosive growth has been noted. This is in the online e-commerce businesses mainly. Noted lately, this has been seen as the most recent happenings during the current pandemic. This is highly related to online buying strategy and online shopping trends.


Similar to the crisis that happened in the year 2008. Seen largely on a change in comparison to other crisis is the focus on strategy. This is unlike the credit crisis of 2008, the COVID-19 crisis has heightened focus on the individual and social concerns. The focus has also switched towards intensified and sustained public focus on very key social issues. Includes civil rights, anti-racism, and a reconciliation with the indigenous people. Those who are the originals, their worth is more recognized in terms of the upcoming stability and future sustainability strategy.  


Addressing the emerging risks, especially for business world is a key aspect of analyzing potential hazards. These risks include data security, litigation, and employee gross misconduct.

The pandemic, i.e. COVID-19 has brought on the awareness levels regards to the importance and significance of data security issues. These also include corporate best practices, digital platforms for payments, privacy issues, and cybersecurity. Largely, due to the increase of online shopping and e-commerce activities being on an increase in the times of lock-down. Another risk that is of huge concern, Post Pandemic is employee misconduct. This is for the organizations when it comes to internal risk mitigation. Staying away from work for a rather high amount of time can have drawbacks in terms of strategy. Hence, it affects organizational behavior while increasing employee misconduct future risks.


Another huge risk associated is the capital raising for new and old businesses. Hence, immediately after the lockdown gets over with, also known as the Post COVID-19 era. The Govt. stimulus programs and the low-interest rates are the ones that are bringing rise to the favorable debt. This is for the debt capital market conditions for corporate issuers.


In the current times, in similar scenarios taking lessons from the future is a high necessity. While the COVID-19 is already a fundamental challenge to the economy and modern society. Therefore, how to combat such a situation in the future is what needs to be considered as a strategy?

Hence, this crisis has been a cause of the acceleration of many changes in the world. These are changes that are already underway in specialized markets. Furthermore, it’s been the cause of many change management programs in organizations, especially the MNC’s.