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The relationships that holds the key between a company & various demo-graphical work cultures & employ well-being is the significance. This is ironic in terms of handling the pressures at work place. It is indeed an intimate and a key connection between company culture. Furthermore, the mental health of employees. For some people it is their destiny connection that can enable the employees achieve their dreams in more comprehensive ways. For example, an Australian work culture can be different, from that followed in Canada. But, you have to make it your primary destiny connection for your career upbringing.

Organisational research & study from different environments has demonstrated well & truly. Particularly, that how a company culture can affect the well-being of employees in all sort of ways. This relates to primarily the kind of interaction that employees expect in their workplaces. On top of this, how far do they feel comfortable. Especially, regards to their mental health & their frustrations.

We can examine the link between the company culture and the mental health in much more higher depths.


Achieving the work-life balance is the litmus test for companies. Especially, the ones who are growing up to develop comprehensive & competitive work environments. The company culture also involves certain key expectations that employees have about work. As an example, we can say that if an employee is spending too much time at work. Along with this, is unable to focus on his social life elements. Naturally, the company work environment is more into late sittings. In addition to this, there is less sensitivity towards work-life balance. Certainly, this is found to be an issue that can hurt the company culture in the longer run. That is, not a good thing regards to company’s sustainable developments. Bringing priorities in company’s work-life balance is indeed something that will be a positive aspect for the company’s work culture. Employees with good personal and social life ingredients work with bigger passion and commitments for a better life. Hence, both at work as well as at home. This balance reduces the stress levels in the employees, making them more committed for their goals.

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Other problems that can arise in employees overstaying at work can lead to increases in worry, anxiety, stress, depression, sleep problems, and finally poor physical health.


A good and fair indication of the relationships between the company & employees is being open regards to the mental health. This is an attribute of some companies that have a work culture that highly encourages employees to be open about their mental health. The main and foremost reason regards to the openness about mental health issues of employees is regards to the concentration levels. These are levels, that are linked up for better work performance. There are many organizations that pay very little or no attention to employee well-being.

Employees on the other hand should be more eager and comfortable to talk. Especially, to HR or their line managers for help. The higher the company culture respects openness about mental health. Hence, the greater it is for the organisational success. It is indeed a key benchmark or a landmark achieved in organisations for future sustenance and employee retention programs.


Increasing the level of cooperation & support is part of the work culture that guarantees good relationships with the employees. A key component of a healthy work culture is the degree to which employees feel supported at the work place. Some company cultures can even lead to increased stress and anxiety. Significantly, due to poor political issues and management problems. This is also due to office gossips and an office culture that ignites stress at the work place.

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