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The role of women in the entire world is changing everyday. This is a fact, whether it’s IT sector, Accounting & Finance or Aviation industry. Also includes, Media & Culture and finally business and sports. In almost every sector Women entrepreneurs are changing the course of the world. Furthermore, leaving a huge mark on the economy of the country they are operating in. Through the development of successful companies women in Canada are contributing in a huge way towards the economy. Hence, as well as showing to men entrepreneurs that they are truly worthwhile enough to fight their way up. They have the equal amount of courage, energy and passion to compete with the world in a highly competitive environment. All women entrepreneurs have a goal in common, i.e. to prove to the world that female entrepreneurship is vital for the future of Canada. A country that has not only competed in the markets in North America. However, made a huge name globally in the world of business.

These women entrepreneurs ensure in many ways that every women has as many opportunities as men. Particularly making efforts every day to close the gap between man and women entrepreneurs. Especially, by bringing more women CEO’s in the competitive Canadian markets.

How women CEO’s are different than men is an interesting question? There are many differences attached but few similarities as well. These are similarities that allows women to close the gap between men and women. However, the working style of men and women is almost the same in terms of the energies and the passion. Something, that they both bring to the business dimensions in Canada. Why they stand out from the crowd is the manner in which they become example so that people follow their footsteps.

Here is a list of Top women entrepreneurs who are being followed in Canada.


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A very famous entrepreneur from Canada Shahrzad Rafati is the one who has managed to bring her digital entertainment company as the third largest in the whole world. As a matter of fact the Vancouver based company is now placed third in the world after Google and Facebook. The lady who started right from her school when online video wasn’t that popular. On top of this, still a new concept in the digital industry. She in fact was the one who introduced new dimensions and ideas to the digital world. Furthermore, her inroads in the world of business are truly backed by her symbolic efforts.

A unique and new business model that connects content owners, creators, audiences and the advertisers. Her goal is indeed filled with ambitions of others. That is, to provide the new generation of content creators with the resources that they need for fast growth and success.


A business women and an entrepreneur who touched heights in the world of business through creativity and ideas. She is the founder of REBL House. Alexandra Touch has been in the entertainment industry since the age of sixteen, i.e. since her teenage. She founded her company while she was still studying and doing a Bachelor’s degree in communications.

Alexandra Touch has grown to new heights after having high profile clients. These are clients like NHL Player P.K Subhan, L’Oreal and Brown shoes. The Video production and Digital Marketing Company while growing to new heights on a daily basis is expected to gain more influential and competitive clients in near future. One of few companies that have given Digital Marketing and Entertainment industry some new and creative dimensions.    


Another young women entrepreneur who has contributed to the business world in many ways. Susan Niczowski is a lady who is highly passionate about family recipes. This is via simple real ingredients that are already in the kitchen. But, they are made different with a touch of class.

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She founded Summer Fresh that was originally founded in 1991 and started with only 18 recipes. However, her passion for food is evident now after almost 26 years. Surprisingly, with over 2000 products in these current times. These products includes dips, salads, snacks and meals that are easily available and easy to make for everyone. The aim is to provide fast and easy meal to people. Especially, the corporate workers who have limited time to cook food. Her motivation when she started was to provide people with quality and hygienic food without having to spend too much time in the Kitchen.


A name and a Brand which is now a symbol in the Jewellery industry in Canada. Jenny Bird started in 2008 and is a Jewellery company. That is, high quality jewellery but sold at reasonable price. The creator of the company Jenny Bird working with the same name in Jewellery business was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. A province of Canada that is known for raising many entrepreneurs. These are people either born in Canada or arrived from overseas countries. Her motive was to create something that demonstrates her business philosophy. It was in 2011 that her husband joined her as the President of the company and have transformed it into a worldwide & acknowledged brand.

Jenny Bird, an ownership of an ambitious lady entrepreneur is now operating in over 600 retailers internationally. They are the proud owners of showrooms in fashion capitals and cities all over the world. These cities includes Paris, Toronto, London, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Dallas just the few names in the wide listings. Paris is the fashion capital of the world and regards Jenny Bird as a very fast growing company.

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