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Commonwealth day will be celebrated on the 2nd Monday of March 2023’. That is, the day falling on the 13th of March this year. It’s a tribute by the monarchies to the monarchs and all the countries that are & have been part of the British monarchies, that pay their tribute & respect to the British monarch.

Canada is a prosperous monarchy just like Australia & New Zealand. Also, some countries from Africa which are still part of the British monarchy or the rule of Law. It’s indeed a huge tribute to King Charles III. Obviously, as it is the first commonwealth day under the rule of King Charles III. His majesty was declared the King of United Kingdom & other commonwealth realms. That is, after the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The longest ruling British monarch who died in Balmoral Castle, Scotland at the age of 96. She was the mother of Prince Charles, who is now officially the King.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ruled over United Kingdom & other commonwealth realms since the last 7 decades. To be exact, the rule lasted for 70 years before her death which happened on 8th September 2022′. A very sad day in the history of Great Britain. Apart from Britain, all its monarchies as well as Canada and a very historical one in all aspects.

The aim of the day is to renew the vows of international cooperation. Also, the solidarity of the Commonwealth of Nations. Finally, addressing the global issues of more than two billion people. These are people that constitute the nations of the former British colonies.

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It’s a day that marks London with parades & marches that gives tribute to the solidarity of the British Empire. ‘The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire’, a famous saying that combines the pride of the British Empire. Obviously, with its magnificent size & the rule all over the world.


The day has a magnificent history that relates heavily & most significantly with Canada. The second largest country, being the largest of the monarchies of Britain. Precisely, in terms of its massive size. The British expansion into Canada was unlike any of their endeavours at the time. For the sake of countering the French empire, the British army laid siege to the Great White North. Also, continued to fight the French expansion for two centuries. That is, 200 years almost.

The empire solidifies its roots into the Canadian provinces. Hence, despite the fact that the empire faced a staunch reckoning from the South. At the same time, it was America’s brewing rebellion. Noticed by the Canadian subjects was the rebellion. It was in the year 1867 that England granted independence to Canada. Furthermore, this became their final glory from the Empire.

The goal of the commonwealth is obviously to foster International Peace & Security. That is, amongst the members & their neighbouring countries. Dedicated as the Empire Day in May 1898 by the famous Canadian author Clementina Trenholme. Obviously, as it’s a day dedicated to celebrate the association of the country. Particularly, with the Commonwealth of nations. She named it ‘The Empire Day’. Ironically, due to the vastness & the power associated with the British Empire. However, the day got its current name, which is the Commonwealth Day in the year 1958. However, later after 15 years, it was the recommendation from the Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada. Moved to the second Monday of March silently was the observation of the day. Basically, as they didn’t wanted the day to be a fixed one.

Today in modern day Canada as 21st Century Canadians come together to observe the Commonwealth Day. They indeed send a message of reconciliation rather than celebration.


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The following are the timelines of the Commonwealth Day in Canada regards to the key dates.

1898- The First Celebration-

The first celebration of the commonwealth day. Thus, known formerly as the Empire Day, is dedicated to the Canadian author Clementina Trenholme. She was the one who declared or officially coins the Empire Day. Precisely, on the Birthday of Queen Victoria. That is, to celebrate the Empire day as it was called formerly.

1958- The Official Change of Name –

The than British PM is the one accredited for this key event in the timeline. The Royal Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, who announces the renaming of the Empire Day as Commonwealth Day in the parliament.

1973- The New Adoption-

This was in the year 1973 that the father of current PM Justin Trudeau, i.e. Premier of the era Pierre Trudeau moves the Commonwealth Day celebration from May to the second Monday of March. Celebrated on different days every year. Thus, as its the motive behind the celebration.

1982- Getting Fully Independent-

Canada House of Commons and the Senate pass the Canada ACT. According to the Canada ACT passed on 1st July 1982. Also, celebrated as Canada Day. It said that the last powers that the British Parliament exerted on Canada officially ends today.


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Just as it says ‘Commonwealth Day’, it’s the day that celebrates the solidarity & the objective is to keep celebrating the solidarity & unity of the Commonwealth of Nations. These are nations that are Independent nations & territories still under the rule of the British Monarch. That is, the King of United Kingdom & other commonwealth realms. Obviously, the new King after the passing away of Queen Elizabeth II is King Charles III.

First Commonwealth Day, i.e. 13th March 2023, after officially becoming the King of United Kingdom & other Commonwealth realms. Obviously, the day has some historical significance that makes it a very special day. Especially, after death of Queen Elizabeth II, as it was in her era in 1958. It was declared Commonwealth Day. Therefore, officially it’s the first time that Commonwealth Day shall be celebrated. Finally, with a tribute to a monarch other than Queen Elizabeth II.

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