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UFC: Piera Rodriguez Stops World Title Hopes, Tops Hughes


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Commerce, CA — Unbeaten UFC strawweight Piera Rodriguez (8-0) will make her return to the octagon on October. Hence, along together with Sam “Sampage” Hughes.

For Peira Rodriguez who is one of the LFA alumni who was at the venue. That is, to watch Friday’s LFA 137 event in Commerce, CA. The fight is her second fight with the UFC. The pace of life hasn’t changed significantly for Piera Rodriguez. Since, she made her UFC promotional debut earlier in the year. However, there are some advantages that she shared with Cageside Press on Friday.

“Let’s assume it’s the exact routine every single day of my existence. That is, working, training, and more training,” said Rodriguez. The one who beat Kay Hansen at UFC 273 in April to announce her entry to the UFC. “But the things are getting somewhat more comfortable for me. Since, the time I’ve moved in from the U.S., now everything is more organized. I’m grateful for the breaks during training sessions. Also, to have an extra hour of time to rest because I never had it prior to. It’s the same. I’m the same however, things are simpler and more comfortable. Also, still requiring the same effort and work schedule.”

In anticipation of her fight on October 15 against Hughes. Another LFA Veteran, Rodriguez opined that “I believe this will be a very tough fight. However, also it’s a great feeling. Since I had the chance to fight for the first time. I was really very worried about regards to the fight against Hansen. There’s not as many nerves, I’m just ready to go and get going. It’s going to be a new fight, and it’s going be an extremely thrilling fight, for sure.”

In her journey to the main stage. Rodriguez now takes on the role of mentor to several other fighters. Especially, at her training facility. Similar to how Rodriguez herself looked at her more experienced team prior to her UFC debut.

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“It’s extremely cool, as I believe we should all help one another. No matter where you’re in in life. Importantly, if you’re given the chance to assist someone else,” Rodriguez said on the subject. “If they are talented and are dedicated. Also, determined and do the work it, why wouldn’t they? Help them. This is exactly what I’m trying do right now along with Jacqueline [Cavalcanti] as well as all the female fighters I’ve met, and who are truly trying. If they’re just interested in photos and other things that’s not the same. If you can notice them truly striving. Also, working hard each day. In addition to this, disciplined, for sure , you’d like to help them.”

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