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KPIs in which you can differentiate from competitors In Ride-Sharing.


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The ride-sharing industry is booming & improving fast in the world of commuting. Concurrently, the amount of competition is always increasing at the same time. Hence, as there are a number of valuable factors. These are key KPIs that can be used for competition in the industry. For being competitive in a vast country like Canada it’s important that all the key factors are maintained. Furthermore, monitored & looked after with a far more comprehensive approach. Yes, by comprehensive we mean to be efficient & effective at the same time. Also, to be highly competitive regards to the various KPIs.


The business is highly demanding in the corporate sector. Hence, at the same time the demand has increased in semi-professional sectors as well. In hybrid work cultures it has made a great impact with far more improved and maintained services. Services industry demands excellence in terms of dynamic competitions. In addition to this, the ride-sharing has shown that all the way in terms of the deliverable & the KPIs, i.e. Key Performance Indicators.

The following are the KPIs that can act as a catalyst in terms of taking the competitive advantage;


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As a ride-sharing service, the value of time can never be dis-regarded. Whether, you are a company that has just started, or a company that is already there in the market. You need to be in office to attend your most important client meeting. Hence, as your car is at the work shop. Just don’t trust those ride-sharing companies who doesn’t have a good review for the time factor. ‘Time is money’ in terms of the deliverable for a ride-sharing company. Ironically, as they must know well the exact time on which they shall be dropping the customer off to their desired destination.

Why it’s the number one factor that needs to be improved to the extent of perfection? Largely, due to the fact that for most customers, it’s the ‘time factor’ that they can’t miss. Vitally, the most important factor, as one can’t miss a key appointment at work. Alternatively, a client’s meetup point.


The discipline factor means to follow the rules. Largely & strictly with a better vision for the future of ride-sharing. It’s not the number 1 of all the KPIs. However, it’s another key one as discipline creates values that are good for the company. Furthermore, the discipline also creates a reputation in terms of the deliverable. Finally, as these values counts for a company in future, just like a company’s goodwill.


The ‘Tech’ factor in ride-sharing is the latest & most charming innovation. Hence, an innovation that counts for values that relates to being competitive. The driver should be technologically sound to handle mobile devices & other navigation devices. Obviously, to have a better know-how of the journey. This is important to know what are areas of higher congestion. Alternatively, how far are we from the destination or how long it’s going to take. Finally, to have a closer & better look at the maps. Thus, it makes the company more appealing & more competitive with other similar businesses in the vicinity.


A highly improved and a proper feedback system is a huge necessity of ride-sharing services. This is especially true in terms of being competitive. Customer feedback system for their feedback regards to a ride, counts for bringing improvements in the service. Furthermore, making it sounder & timelier. The companies who ignore customer feedback tend to close their eyes from the reviews of the customers. This is sheer ignorance and can lead to hurting your business in terms of the turnover. Hence, this is apart from the reputation that is created or should have been created.

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A good reputation in a ride-sharing business acts like a backbone for the future business prospects. This reputation can be improved via a comprehensive feedback system. That is, a system that can relate to the customer’s likes and their dislikes. Finally, having a better eye on the needs of the customers. Also, how the needs can be catered in better ways. Ironically, not all customers are the same, as some customers are a bit casual while others are very strict. Apart from being strict, they are judgemental regards to the deliverable. A good customer feedback system is a vital element for those customers. Hence, also for those, who can share their experiences with larger levels of integrity involved.

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