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MBE or MB Enterprises is a dynamic company based in Toronto Canada. It’s a company that deals in business solutions and diverse services. Hence, it is a mixture of 17 group of companies that deals in various different businesses. These include MBE ATM, POS, Insurance, IT, Business Magazine & Mortgage Services. Apart from these, Legal Services, Immigration, Accounting, Mansoor Naqvi Team & The Royal LePage, MBBP/RMA and now M-Rides with few other services in the diverse group. Our company comprises of a team of talented people who are software developers, writers & innovators. Hence, as well as development managers and designers. We believe in the transformation of ideas into reality and have empowered clients within North America and Asia.


The office for MBE Canada was opened in the province Ontario, in the year 1999. However, the company originally started in the year 1995 by the CEO and President Mr. Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi. He also opened a franchise by the name of Coffee Time. A franchise that he acquired as it was an already running business.

The two main companies in the group, i.e. MBE ATM and MBE POS were the ones that were launched in the MBE hierarchy in the year 2000. In the year 2008, i.e. 8 years later CEO & President aligned operations in Asia with the Canadian enterprises for future expansions. Later on, The CEO Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi stepped into the Real Estate business, and The Mansoor Naqvi Team and The Royal LePage was next to one in line. Hence, to join The Mansoor Brothers Enterprise’s growing business. This happened in the year 2010 as Royal LePage is one of the biggest Canadian Real Estate Companies. They have an immense amount of achievements in North America.

Hence, simply after a period of three years, i.e. 2013. The Company for IT was launched by the name of MBE Global. This was a breakthrough entry into the IT Business, a sector that has proved to be the fastest-growing sector for MBE. The next year, i.e. in 2014, the merger of MBBP, i.e. Mansoor Brothers Business Partners and Retail Merchants Association (RMA) were merged. This resulted in a loyalty card program founded for providing diverse discounts and benefits. These discounts are for businesses and individual services as well as providing products to members and their families. One of the most used customer loyalty programs in Canada.


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The consistency in operations, working for commitment & serving the community has been the aims of MBE while they grow. The unification of these companies is a huge contribution to the international business community, not only in Canada. However, the company believes that they can make more useful contributions to the economy and community. This is through innovative measures, business diversification, and improved employments opportunities. MBE takes pride in the success of their companies. Along with the employees and at the same time the business partners.

MBE, in this modern interface and with its unique infrastructure acts as a very strong business group. A group that has been providing business in Canada. As well as abroad for as long as 25 years. This is through effective management as well as the development techniques. Hence, the company aims to offer all sort of support to their existing and potential customers. The aim further is to introduce measures that can help in shaping businesses for tomorrow. Apart from this, bringing new and successful business methodologies.

As a very talented and dynamic business entrepreneur. The MBE CEO & President, Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi strives to demonstrate his skills in the business world. He has also written a book on his business journey and his journey from Pakistan to Canada. A compilation in form of an autobiography sharing his perspective, his thoughts, his articles and above all his struggles. It’s is truly exemplary for those young business entrepreneurs who want to be like him. His vision for the company is still bright as it was 25 years back. On top of this, he is still a dreamer for the company and its well-being. He has not only contributed to the economy. But, to the community in Canada that comprises of diverse individuals from different countries.


As MBE is a diverse and established business group in Canadian markets. They have inspired to build a technology-oriented company. A company that could deliver profit as well as positive social and economic impacts.

It is a Ride-sharing service launched by MBE to compete and serve in the commuting sector. The new business hopes to meet the needs of the consumers as well as drivers, known in M-Rides as ‘Captains’. There are a lot of earning opportunities for riders and fleet owners due to the large consumer base.

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The consumers of M-Rides will be able to save based on distance discount offers as well as drivers or ‘Captains’. This is how they are referred to by M-Rides, and exclusive insurance programs are being offered. This is along with comprehensive referral programs. Perks for both parties, i.e. drivers and passengers are the most interesting and worth going. M-Rides truly believes that Captain is the King, and the company is delighted to share 85% of revenue with the captains.

Yet another opportunity to make investments in M-Rides is as a fleet owner, who will have the opportunity to invest in an already operational business. Something that requires Captains, while they enjoy higher profitability margins along with higher benefits.     

The service M-Rides is easily available on Android and Apple devices while having separate apps for the riders and captains. The company at the same time is launching M-Foodz very soon. Hence, as part of the highly anticipated M-Rides launch.  The Captains of M-Rides can easily increase their earnings bracket and become RMA/MBBP members, something they can’t enjoy with other services in town. This is a service where Captains can utilize all services offered by MBE. As well as deals and rewards on services from the retail industries based in Canada.

To have more information regards to M-Rides or MBE Companies, Call 1-866-667-1377 or E-mail: info@mbeforyou.com


An article was published on Toronto Star, which is Toronto news official website. The article is a complete illustration of business activities of MBE. This is with respect to an overview of its businesses and newly launched ride-sharing service M-Rides. The website also illustrates an M-Rides application advert. Hence, highlighting lucrative business offers for both consumers and ‘Captains’. This is a huge breakthrough of the MBE Group, with immense credit going to Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi who is the President of MBE and a very successful Canadian entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial skills and expertise are truly a demonstration of his leadership at MBE.

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The article published on 3rd June 2021, is itself of huge significance. Ironically, as Toronto Star is a prominent website for the latest news in Toronto and other news from Ontario province. Their advertising on the website for M-Rides in form of quick links truly demonstrates the importance of the ride-sharing service. Hence, along with the rapid response that it has gathered.

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