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CTV replaces Lisa LaFlamme with Omar Sachedina


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At 58, I thought I would have more time to tell more of the stories. These are stories, that impact our daily lives as I have done for so many decades’

Longtime anchor of the news Lisa LaFlamme said. She is “shocked and saddened” by Bell Media’s decision not to renew the contract. A contract, she had for CTV National News.

In a press release released from CTV News. The company stated that the decision was taken to take into account. The so-called, “changing viewers’ preferences.” Also, the need to take the news program. In addition to this, the position of the chief anchor in a “different way.”

The following statement by CTV News announced that. Omar Sachedina currently the national affairs correspondent of the network. Effectively, would assume LaFlamme’s post.

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LaFlamme was with CTV News for 35 years in the role of international affairs. A reporter before taking over Lloyd Robertson. Hence, as the chief anchor of news. Also, the senior reporter of CTV National News in 2011.

In an announcement, LaFlamme said she was informed that her contract was due to expire at the end of June. She claimed she was told to keep the information private. Hence, up to the point that “specifics regarding (her) departure can be determined.”

“Whether it’s being reported from the field or over the past 12 years, at an news anchor’s desk. I will forever be thankful to you. These loyal viewers, for believing the conviction that information presented with integrity. Hence, also with honesty is a strength for our democracy,” said LaFlamme.

“At the age of 58, I thought I’d have more time to tell the stories. These are stories, that shape our lives every day. Especially, like I have done for more than a decade.”


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According to the CTV Statement. Sachedina said he feels “honoured to work alongside outstanding journalists. These are journalists like Lisa LaFlamme and Lloyd Robertson. Honorable people, who have had the honour being anchors of this program. Also, established the station as a reliable source for news and current events.”

Other experienced Canadian journalists expressed their reactions to the news via Twitter.

“My jaw is in the air,” tweeted David Cochrane who is a senior journalist for the parliamentary section at CBC News, in response to a video that LaFlamme posted on the twitter.

“You are always among the top among field associates. A hard-working, committed human being. We have been all the beneficiaries of your hard work and commitment,” tweeted Adrienne Arsenault. The person, who is the co-anchor and chief correspondent of The National for CBC News. “I am so sad to hear about that you have passed away.”

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Karine Moses, senior vice director of news and content development. That is, for Bell Media said in a statement that “With an unwavering commitment to bring you the news stories. That is, stories, that matter for Canadians in the context of Canada’s top media team. Lisa is a skilled guide for viewers. Hence, during turbulent moments. Furthermore, joy and we hope she has the best in her fresh chapter.”

Lisa LaFlamme’s complete statement:

Today, in awe and a myriad of emotions. I’m telling you about some of the latest news regarding me. Also, regarding my experience in CTV News. Over the last 35 years, I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of being welcomed inside your houses. That is, to broadcast news on a daily basis. Also, I thought you should hear from me directly.

On June 29 I was informed of the fact that Bell Media made a “business decision”. That is, to terminate my contract. Hence, bringing an end my lengthy career at CTV News.

Over 35 years in service of journalism which I’ve committed my entire life to over.

I was, and am, sad and shocked by the Bell Media decision. I was also requested to keep this information confidential. Specifically, from my colleagues as well as the public until the details of my departure were determined. This has happened so I’d like to take a moment to look back on the last 35 years.

Covering the darkest moments of war, in Iraq, Afghanistan and this year, Ukraine – to covering natural catastrophes. The pandemic, elections across the country and other important events. Example, like this summer’s papal apology trip to the survivors of residential schools. Also, their families is a confidence I’ve never taken for granted.

If it’s reporting in the field. Alternatively, in the last 12 years. Thus, reporting from the station’s anchor table, I will always be thankful to you. Also, my loyal viewers for sharing with me the conviction that information presented with integrity and honesty. Thus, enhances the quality of our democratic system.

At the age of 58, I hoped that I’d have more time to share the stories. These are stories, that shape our lives every day. Hence, the way I have done it for the past several years.

I am humbled by people who trust in me to share their story.

As I depart from CTV as I leave CTV. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone people. Thus, people who consider Canada home and have participated my journey with me. I am also grateful for the constant support from colleagues as well as family and friends.

Although it’s hard to leave CTV National News. In addition to this, a team that feels more like family. Obviously, in a way that is not in my best interest. Hence, I want you to know that these past 35 years of bringing. Importantly, all of the major international and national occasion. Fortunately, has been the most prestigious honour of my life.

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