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Zellers Is Making A Comeback And It’s Going To Be Huge


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Zellers is returning after a long absence. According the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) that on Wednesday declared that it was revived the well-loved discount retailer in Canada. Hence, accompanied with physical shops-in-shops as well as the introduction of a brand fresh “online purchasing experience.”

“Very in the near future. The customers from all over the world will be able to shop HBC’s most popular brands”. A statement announced by The Bay’s parent company.

“Arriving around 2023 The distinctive Canadian retail store Zellers. The retail store that will launch a brand new website for e-commerce. Furthermore, make use of the vast network of brick and mortar Hudson’s Bay locations. Importantly, as it expands its presence in large cities throughout the nation.”

The company has yet reveal how many physical stores will be open. Alternatively, the location they’ll be in. However, we have a rough idea of what the shop-in shops will look like. That is, due to a short Zellers pop-up at an Burlington HBC store last year.


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“Zellers along with Zellers.ca will provide a digital-first shopping experience. An experience that taps the nostalgic brand that Canadians are familiar with. Furthermore, the love. Also, will introduce new branding and a new exciting range of products that caters to families. Apart from this, offers the price of everyday,” reads a release from HBC that was released earlier today.

“Feature anchor categories for launch will include home wares. As well as, furniture, home decor tiny appliances 7& toy. Furthermore, pet products, and the launch of a design-led and value-driven private brand. The selection and variety will increase over the course of the year. Including, the introduction of new clothing.”

It’s not clear that the new Zellers brand will be a part of eating establishments. As well as, Zeddy Wheels (yet). However, feedback from customers online certainly suggests a desire for both.

The people who grew up in the 90s and the early 2000s. The period when Zellers was at its peak will recall the red-and-white discount department store fondly.


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The retailer was sadly to fade in the 2000s. Thus, when rivals (mostly Walmart) crowded the Canadian market.

In the year 2011. HBC announced that it would lease leases of approximately 200 Zellers retail stores to (now-defunct) Target Canada. It had 64 of its stores. However, nearly every one of them shut down. Furthermore, closed by the year 2013.

The company had two stores operating until the end of last year. One store located in Ottawa. Also, another located in Etobicoke. Toronto’s was the final Zellers outlet in Canada that was shut down in the early part of 2020.

“We are aware of the significance that Zellers’ place is within the minds and hearts of Canadians. “‘Where the cheapest cost is the law. Hence, was a credit card that has been instrumental in helping Zellers establish its position as more than a retailer. However, also an opportunity to help & build. Furthermore, sustain a community.” says Zellers chief business officer Adam Powell of the revival on Wednesday.

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“Zellers is a name that is embedded within its Canadian experience. With a history that spans generations. People have strong connection to Zellers by sharing memories with friends and family. Finally, we are looking at building on this in the upcoming years.”

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