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Team motivation during the Pandemic COVID-19 can be a tough scenario. This can happen as employees can get easily demotivated due to different circumstances. This can lead due to be staying away from work for a long period. Hence, also lacking mental fitness attached to a remote working environment. In a few cases, this is true that a remote working environment needs more focus and a dedicated approach. A helpful approach that helps in an optimistic progression. Another key factor is the forming of new values under the strain. Furthermore, the employees gain fresh perspectives on their organization and its leadership. Motivating employees with due authority in the COVID-19 scenario is different than other scenarios. This is precisely due to the demanding nature of the pandemic.

COVID-19 is yet another financial crisis apart from the many that have resulted in big failures for many companies. No matter how well your business is running Pre-COVID-19 & during the current circumstances. Hence, there are many external forces that will keep testing you. These include the company culture and how well you can adapt to changes. Furthermore, resolve these changes for a better tomorrow. If you are a leader, leading a team of professionals and dedicated employees with authority. On top of this, your team doesn’t depend on what you say. For the sake of dedication for larger mission and values. The influencing factor of the message is by the chosen communication mediums.

Motivating the employees through a crisis needs an immense amount of attitude


Motivating the employees through a crisis needs an immense amount of attitude, talent, and determination for a true leader. It not only demands a high quality of leadership skills. But, it also demands consistency and decision making that can have a huge impact on the future. The following are some useful tips for the future.


 Communicating the vision time & again is a necessary part of the key motivating procedures that involve leadership with authority. Strongly and consistently reminding your vision to yourself and the team. It will definitely make the team realize that they are after their targets in the best of ways. Make sure that you keep reminding your team of the long journey even in the COVID-19 period and while working remotely. Ironically, the two major factors in the pathway of your vision and company’s vision include inspiring & motivating people. It’s the task of the leadership to communicate with their team players in the best possible ways. This communication with the team will make your team be more connected to the company’s purpose and its sustainable mission.  Hence, re-communicating the vision can also empower productivity to higher levels within the team.


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It’s one of the tasks of the motivating leadership factors to let employees be more open to questions. Asking questions will definitely help the team players clear their doubts. This is regards to any project or a key task or mission. The team players in the company can easily see what’s on everyone else’s mind if they keep a question/answer question. In the case of a high-performing team and their core values. Ironically, the best thing is that those questions will be productive and meaningful. On top of this, the key is that the questions stay in the right direction and attitude.


Mixing up the delivery channels in times of the pandemic COVID-19. Hence, it is a huge measure that will boost the employee in a friendly team environment. Therefore, a team environment in COVID-19 shouldn’t get boring. Otherwise, there will be more ways to get pressurized at work than working in a chill environment.

The various delivery channels & communication medium includes, ZOOM, Skype, Facebook, & WhatsApp and a variety in the usage is highly attached to the psychological reasons. Change is the best recipe according to many pundits from Work from home. It is indeed the spice of life. Apart from this, something that can increase the disturbed motivational attitude of some or many team players. This is primarily related to aspects of change management in a company. Also, attached to more values that are indeed good for the motivating factors.


Telling stories that are related to the events and happenings holds a huge amount of interest. Hence, this is apart from the authority for team players demonstrated by the leaders. Hence as well as boosting their emotional intelligence aspects. Similar scenarios of the past related to stories of the real world corporate culture. Furthermore, the examples are taken as productive case studies to resolve issues. Hence, COVID-19 a unique and latest pandemic is one of its kind. It also demands a huge variety and flexibility in the attitude of team leaders. As it’s the sole responsibility of the leaders to create a ladder for their team while leading & motivating for future agendas.

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