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In the times of confusion and uncertainty its best to find the right directions as it can get really difficult. Yes, we are talking about situations like the pandemic where things can go worse if they are not catered with due significance. Stress is one of the most common things that can arise in confusing times and can even lower your self-esteem in more than one ways. Under more critical circumstances it can even hurt your confidence to strive for your goals.

Keeping a vigilant and a good eye on your targets is one of the most necessary part of your training & future developments. It obviously is good to find the focus which determines your direction which you tend to lose. This is something obvious, as you are undergoing a scenario where anything can happen as your mind is confused due to external factors. Ironically, finding the right direction is not only a necessity, but a high level priority that determines your focus along with directions. This is similar to the fact that you are on the way to a long journey, and suddenly you seem to be lost. Hence, the best way is to relax, pull down your car, and have a look at your navigation device or look forward to a map. One thing is sure in your mind that finding the right direction is the only solution and the way out from a place which seems to be too lost for you, e.g. in times of lock down.


Confusing scenarios can even arise due to some unpredictable circumstances in your life that might be personal. This is apart from situations that can arise due to a pandemic like COVID-19, the recent disease that caused severe depression and devastation in the whole world.

Why Focus is the key? A common question that one should keep asking themselves to restore life and life patterns as normal. Bringing normality is the most important thing that one needs to achieve first, before going for the restoration process. Focus is therefore the most important scenario as it determines how to move forward in circumstances that can hurt you emotionally. Apart from emotional hurt, it can even hurt financially as the pandemic has proved since it started last year.

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Start focusing from your mind while you bring out the magic out of your mind. Mind is no doubt one of the most powerful tools that can be used effectively to take you out from extreme scenarios. Just keep focusing until you get out of the situation effectively and efficiently. Focus helps everywhere but in most situation & circumstances it is possibly the only solution.


‘Directions’, the thing that matters in your journey to success. This is just the way directions matter on your journey towards a certain place. They act as a compass that helps in showing you where you need to travel, i.e. in which direction you should focus. They not only determine the goals, but the directions also determines the pathway. Just as they say, ‘The road to success is always under construction’. The main key reason for this is the way you tend to focus on finding the directions. They always determine how far you are away from success, and whether your route is the most correct one or not. They also focus on your hindrances and gives you the power of reasoning and asking yourself the question ‘‘How far are you away from your victory?’


Restoration of your life back to normal is a necessity as we have discussed earlier. Having said that, the true and acknowledged importance of proper planning can never ever be denied. Planning, especially improved and standardised planning always helps in the restoration process and gives you a vision for future. As a person working in a good role, always keep in mind that finding restoration not only makes life sustainable, but increases the level of motivation more effectively. Also, effectively helps in future contingency planning & determines artistic ways of making a ‘plan B’. Something, that really helps in determining alternate directions for your journey’s success.


We have heard the term very commonly, and is also a terminology that means alternate planning. It is in many ways a key aspect that brings a mind out of the confusion state. A key aspect in project planning, as it reduces the chances of a failure and minimises the risk factor involved. Making an alternate plan, e.g. ‘Plan B’, has transformed the planning phase into being more professional & systematic.

Contingency planning makes you keep your focus bright towards the right directions & why directions matters in the long run. Hence, they are part and parcel of the challenges involved.

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