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Following your commitments and spending a disciplined day are the key things to follow in your corporate life. All your day tasks must be aligned in your mind as well as on paper, just in order to plan your targets properly. You should evaluate with your intelligence that how much time you should be spending on your tasks and what are the resources and links you need for your task to take place smoothly. Your prime objective mustn’t be just to complete the tasks, but also to make sure that the tasks objectives are attained. Apart from this, the quality of the project or task is par your satisfaction levels. Ironically, in simple words you have attained all the prime objectives of your tasks that are top priority in your mind.


One of the key business strategy apart from achieving your tasks strategically is through making priorities. Prioritise your work while you align your objectives to have discipline while you attain your tasks. Discipline is the key to success as it trains your mind to question yourself as to “Why are you lagging behind?” Discipline helps and ignites in you a question that you have to ask yourself and develops in you a habit of frequently questioning yourself.


Tracing your work with an aligned strategy means business and growth for your company. It’s not just about completing your tasks or your project in-hand, however, the best thing is the finishing touches that must satisfy the concerned people. The quality assurance you have met to complete your tasks means you know how to trace the footsteps of your work. You seem to be more self-guided than anyone else, if you have an idea of how well you can trace your work.


There has to be a genuine reason as to why a task is pending for tomorrow or next week for instance. A justified reason should always be supported with proper evidences that should be good enough for future referencing. Handling the tasks in pipeline is something mandatory in the corporate world. Business and corporate world is all about results that are seen positively if you know the best handling of a situation or a pending task.

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Little issues can become bigger ones if they are ignored, especially in the initial stages. However, some genuine reasons can break the tempo of a certain task, but it must be carry forward with due commitment necessary to finally complete it. It’s the vision that holds key, especially for people who have 100% commitments with their work. ‘Task Pending’ is actually a situation which most managers absolutely hate, however, they can’t ignore it. Key reason being the amount of penalties that are associated with the mishandling of a task or a situation.


Work In-Progress is a common term that is most commonly used in the construction industry. Why Work in-Progress holds high level values for engineers or for people related to the project is mainly due to the commitments they need showing until the Work is in progress. Success is always achieved once your work in-progress transforms towards the next stage, i.e. Work completed. It’s the transition phase that needs high level commitments & monitoring according to the length of the project.


Success can become a habit, naturally if you know your do’s and your don’ts. These are the two primary things that help you complete your tasks as you planned or on the same date. The Don’ts simply means what are the key things that you need to stay away from which can easily cause a hindrance in your tasks. This simply means things that can hurt the task in short-term or long-term, for e.g. Conflicts arising due to miss-communication. Hence, the best way is to create satisfactory and transparent communication lines with all the concerned stakeholders.

Alternatively, the Do’s are the things that needs to be achieved with strict discipline, timing and perfect finishing of your tasks. Prioritise your Do’s more intellectually and practically to have a better understanding of your tasks in terms of the deliverable.

Success is ultimately achieved if you can acknowledge your work with sheer responsibility on same day or you have a valid reason why it is still pending?

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