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What exactly is effective leadership, is still a common question that has more than one answer. If the leadership is successful, in most cases it is classified as effective leadership, and good for the company. This is in terms of leadership style and how well the leader gels with their team is the key. Apart from the gelling around with the team, how well the leadership can perform together with the team for company profitability and with discipline. These are few key areas where the leadership needs to act and show the cutting edge.

It’s also vital for the leadership to move forward with the goals of the company, and make realistic targets for the company future. Working in a team has many considerable benefits, and the team leader’s role is to make optimum use of these benefits. Utilisation of team for bigger and better goals should be the primary objective of the leader in a corporate setting.

The role of a team leader for small businesses is more in terms of the magnitude as compared to that of large companies. The creative elements should come from the inside and the leader should be intelligent enough to take own initiatives and decisions. Decision making is key for leaders in small businesses, as decisions can prove to be a turning point at the end of the day. Furthermore, decisions can also prove to be pivotal and effective in terms of the results. The leadership role in small companies is essential in terms of the execution of a charter or the vision. This is particularly in the eyes of the team members whose attitude highly matters for company’s future success. There is no formula for success, however, there is an ideology that works.


Whether the business is large or small, doesn’t matter much, what’s important is how the burdens are shared by leaders. The leader’s role effectively comes into play while sharing the burden from management. This is indeed useful for effective task management, quality control, decision making & finally sharing the burden from management.

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‘Leadership’ and Team management are indeed merged tasks that are equally important, but they have impacts on each other. True leadership cannot be analysed without team management, and team management cannot be effective without sound leadership.

Helps a lot for company’s sustainability while the burdens of management are shared. Shared leadership, and sharing values means business for company in terms of multi-tasking of activities, and gaining the corporate edge.


Talent hunt is not only the role of Human Resource manager or HR department of a company. It is vitally a more proactive role of a team leader. The leadership knows very well how and what they need for their team in terms of unique talent. Furthermore, a mix of abilities that includes academic talent, problem solving, analytical thinking and effective mannerism that is good for a corporate life.

Finding the right talent for the company and making that work effectively needs some expertise and some taking. It can be challenging, however, it can be highly beneficial if you as a leader get lucky. What’s more important apart from the luck factor is analysing strategically what exactly you need for the company. Officially, as a complete package that will be of huge importance to you as a team leader.


Working effectively in a team environment is basically like ‘Hunting in Pairs’. It’s the duty of your leadership to allocate you a team player that will act like a huge helping hand. The role of leadership is definitely to analyse the situation, problem solve strategically, and finally go ahead with your effective assigning of job. Your motive as a team leader is to move on with your job requirements and develop a strategy that takes you home. It’s just like making a move, and proving that the move is worthwhile enough.

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A strategy that significantly helps leaders managing their teams and make fruitful evaluations of working together in a team environment.

Once as a leader you know how to manage your teams, the effectiveness reaches more heights. Hence, your ranking as a leader also increases, and you are more of an asset for the company.

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