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Winning your business in the times of crisis similar to that of the recent pandemic. Hence, this has been a popular topic of discussion these days. Attached with the pandemic are the business challenges that are on-going currently. In addition to this, how these can be combated for future goals. This can be treated as a hindrance in the success of the company. Apart from this, how to take care of future similar hindrances in a crisis situation.

A crisis situation can easily arise due to the political conditions of a country or its security & safety issues. This is with regards to the country where the company is placed tangibly. Most commonly known as ‘Country risks’ are the risks attached to a crisis situation. Hence, these are situations that are rising due to the political instability. Making your business safe in times of the risks situations. Linked up with the company’s robustness is the political crisis situation or a pandemic situation.

Other situations of crisis also includes a company going through a phase of non-profitability. Furthermore, lack of sales, or finally a situation that lacks control of the firm. It is important in such situations the winning back of your business. In addition to this, take the complete control so that your competitors don’t occupy your markets. A competitor’s analysis well in advance to avoid such scenarios is highly useful for winning back a business. Handling a crisis situation or a credit crunch is important for the survival of the company & its sustainability aspects. ‘Sustainable measures’ are always helpful for future success goals. More importantly, as they ensure that the company sticks with their defined agendas and the goals of the firm.


Being more open minded in such situations should be the priority strategy that as an entrepreneur you must adapt. Staying rigid in your thoughts can be harmful for your success as well as your company’s future. It can even cause a havoc in the ranks. Hence, can become a huge cause of the sinking of your ship. It has been evident from the past, how craftiness and innovation have been successful. Both of them have immensely helped small businesses float as they learned alternative ways. With priority in order to treat & serve their customers. Hence, such a situation can even train you to adapt different & useful strategies of change.

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It helps in changing your attitudes as an entrepreneur where you see brighter opportunities in challenges. These are opportunities that make you stronger. Also makes you robust and sustainable for future goals. Finally, optimism is the best attitude as well as the best way to combat a crisis situation.


Taking a backward step in such situations, is actually part & parcel of your plan to jump ahead & winning back. This is similar to while you are walking on a road and you see a man-hole that is unavoidable. Naturally, you would take some backward steps, before you make a leap forward over that hole. The crisis is similar to a ‘hole’ that needs to be avoided. Hence, your backward steps are part of the development strategy for you to move forward, with much higher & richer commitments for future goals.

Taking step backwards in the era of commerce & technology, means you need to overlook the wisdom of the situation for an analysis of the bigger picture. In simple words, you need to identify a strategy figuring out the ‘gravity of the situation’. Hence, while taking the time to slow down. Actually, gives you the potential to see opportunities. These are literal openings that can accelerate the business.


Increasing you flexibility & discipline can actually help in slowing the time of crisis. Also, helps the business in getting back on winning ways. Your company’s flexible approaches and strategies are highly evident in times of crisis situation. Hence, as a leader it is important for you to understand your new role and be a bit more flexible. Ironically, as not everyone is in the same place, and taking the same challenges like you are approaching currently. Therefore, leading with empathy, understanding, flexibility and discipline is a huge step towards gaining the trust of your colleagues. This is definitely true that championing discipline starts at the top. Furthermore, makes it important for leaders to lead by example in a crisis. Exposed in similar crisis scenarios is the leadership through example.


Being thankful and expressing appreciation is the best way to resolve a crisis situation. Surprisingly, a situation that can have a potential to erupt like a volcano. Things could have been worse & you as an entrepreneur needs to ponder on that thought thankfully. Like in a pandemic situation, just stabilise your mindset and think positively with more gratitude. This is while sticking to the rules applied to combat a crisis situation & be tactful in further ways.  Example of following rules in pandemic situation means working from home, and social distancing while at work.

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