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Kansas Abortion Amendment- ‘Kansas Votes To Keep Abortion Legal’


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In the first vote on abortion after Roe V. Wade was overturned, Kansans chose to preserve abortion access. The state has been a key choice for women looking to get abortions.

In the very first election after Roe v. Wade was annulled. The Kansas voters have rejected the constitutional amendment. An amendment which would have stated the right to end an unborn baby isn’t guaranteed. Although votes aren’t yet recorded. The amendment was rejected. Decision Desk HQ, the place responsible for determining of decision. Thus, preserving the right to abortion in the state that is emerging as a major destination for abortions.


The Supreme Court’s decision to reverse the federal abortion protections has placed a new attention on state courts and constitutions. In Kansas it was the case that Kansas’s State Supreme Court held in 2019. That their constitution protects access to abortion which is a decision that barred state legislators from enacting laws. These are legislation that would prohibit or severely restrict access to abortions. At present, abortion in Kansas is legal for up to 22 weeks of pregnancy.

The vote could give an insight into what the Roe decision will impact. That is, the state’s election this year. Hence, by shifting the balance to favour those who support the abortion rights.

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Approved in a summer primary was the Kansas amendment which is worth noting. Thus, with no contest in the Democratic contest. Generally expected to favour the Republicans. In the midst of the year. Expectancy of the mid-term elections is the time we are talking about. These are people who generally oppose abortion rights. The timing of the vote initially caused a stir in Kansas.

“It’s quite obvious that the side that would like to reverse the court’s decision. Just put that on the ballot in the month of August. Hence, as that would be a ‘Yes’ intentionally. Hoping, that it would go to their advantage.” A statement given by Michael Smith. An associate professor of political science of Emporia State University, told The 19th prior to the election.


However, it seems that the nation-wide Roe decision has encouraged abortion rights advocates which includes those in Kansas. National Democrats are betting on this energy to win this year’s midterm elections. Especially, for Senate contests in states like Nevada, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. The same could be true in Kansas which is where Gov. Laura Kelly — a Democrat who has blocked abortion restrictions — is running an extremely competitive race to the reelection.

An identical constitutional amendment will be on the ballot for November elections in Kentucky. Furthermore, is currently enforcing a complete abortion ban. Montana voters will decide whether to allow legal rights to babies. That is, babies “born in the womb after an abortion”. Ironically, which is something that is rarely actually happening. Already covered by the Federal Law in force, apart from the rarity of happenings. Residents of California along with Vermont will be weighing in on whether they want to make abortion rights. These are the medical rights into their states’ constitutions.

In Kansas the state, the repeal of the amendment will guarantee abortion access. Especially, for not just the residents but also the whole area.


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Kansas where you can find of 5 abortion clinics, is now an important access point in the course of procedure. Performed by people outside of the State. Thus, reports according to 50% of abortions in the Kansas. Also, mainly from Missouri. Post-Roe, the number has increased as states that surround Kansas prohibit abortion.

Oklahoma and Texas Both located to South of Texas have stopped the practice almost completely. Also, Missouri east of the state along with adjacent Arkansas along with Mississippi. Because of this clinics located in Kansas are saying they don’t have enough staff, doctors space. Alternatively, appointments to accommodate all patients coming from out of state. It takes two or three weeks to schedule appointments. Furthermore, the doctors are increasingly sending patients to abortion clinics within Colorado, New Mexico and Illinois.

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