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Deadly Daycare Bus Crash In Laval: The Heartbreaking Aftermath


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Two four-year-olds have been declared dead. Furthermore, one man is accused of murder in the first degree. That is, after the driver crashed an urban bus in a day-care facility in Laval, Que. Wednesday morning.

The fatal & deadly daycare bus crash sent a number of children to local hospitals. Also, the parents scrambling for their children. Precisely, just moments after they left them. That is, for an entire day in the Garderie educational Sainte-Rose just north of Montreal.

A memorial made of floral arrangements and toys was placed up on Wednesday evening. Exactly on the spot of the happening of the deadly daycare bus tragedy. The community mourns the children killed and wounded.

The driver of the vehicle, the 51 year old Pierre Ny St-Amand. He was taken into custody at the scene. Also, charged with two counts of murder in the first degree.

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In the early morning parents in panic went to the daycare on Dufferin Terrace. As soon as they learned of the tragedy.

Sebastien Courtois reported that he was receiving urgent messages from his wife. It was on Wednesday morning regarding his son who had been stranded under the bus. Thus, following the collision. He was rescued and taken to the hospital.

Courtois admitted that he was afraid the possibility of never seeing his son in the future and it was a “miracle” in that Courtois is still alive. Two of his acquaintances however, were among the dead. According to him.

“My son has earned an’superhero’ badge this morning,” He stated to Noovo Info.

“I cannot just say that without a smile. Obviously, because there are friends of ours who are suffering … the son will be okay.”


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The daycare is situated near the bottom of the driveway. So the driver would have to get off the road. Furthermore, travel through the driveway until they hit the entrance to the daycare. The motive behind the accident isn’t clear.

A neighbor who lives close to the daycare told police that he ran at the site of the accident. Hamdi Benchaabane said to reporters that three of his adults subdued the driver who, he claimed, taken off from the bus and removed all of his clothing. Later, then started shouting.

“He was screaming and continued to yell,” Benchaabane said. “The first step he took was to wash off his entire wardrobe. That is, when he opened the bus door … He was screaming, but no words came from his mouth.”

He claimed that he and other officers had to hit the driver in order to bring him under control. Thus, prior to police arresting the man. The driver, according to him, “was in a different world.”


First responders told Noovo Info that one child was declared dead on the spot. Other children were taken to the hospitals of Montreal as well as Laval.

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The Dr. Marc Girard, a spokesperson for Montreal’s Ste-Justine’s Children’s Hospital, said four children aged between the 3 and 5 years old were admitted with “various kinds of trauma” in the aftermath of the incident. The children (two girls and two boys were awake upon arrival at the hospital. The hospital entered a code orange to release resources and handle the situation of mass casualties.

One is currently being treated in intensive care, while others are being evaluated.


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