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Google Shares Tanked by 8% After AI Chatbot Failed to Answer A Question


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The shares of Google’s parent company suffered losses of more than $100bn: 

This is following its Bard chatbot advert displayed incorrect data. The Google parent company’s shares dropped more than $100 billion. That is, in the value on Wednesday. Thus, following the revelation that its Bard chatbot advert showed incorrect information. Furthermore, the analysts said that the AI search event was not clear. Obviously, about how it would respond to the Microsoft ChatGPT challenge.

Reuters became the first publication to highlight the mistake in Google’s advertisement. An advertisement that debuted on Monday. Thus, concerning the satellite that first it took photographs of a planet. A planet, that was not part of the solar system of the Earth. The shares of the parent company Alphabet dropped 8 percent. Alternatively, $8.59 per share, in the range of $99.05. On top of this, was among the most trading on US exchanges.


The tech giant shared a brief GIF image of Bard performing its duties on Twitter. Also, described Bard as a “launchpad to spark curiosity”. Something, that could simplify complicated topics. However, it provided an incorrect answer that was discovered just minutes before the official launch of Bard at Paris.

“This is a glitch that they’re severely punishing the stock. That’s, just because there’s no doubt that everyone is eager to see how Google is going to do. Obviously, in response to Microsoft rolling out a decent offering,” said Dennis Dick. The director of the company and market structure analyst for Triple D Trading.

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Bard replies with range of responses that include one that suggests that the JWST could be used to capture the first images of a planet. Obviously, that was not part of the solar system of the Earth (also known as exoplanets). It’s not true, as the first images of exoplanets were captured using Europe’s Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in 2004. Thus, as verified by NASA.

A Google spokesperson said to Reuters, “This highlights the importance of a thorough testing process. A process which we’re starting this week. Ironically, by launching our Trusted Tester program.”

“We’ll blend external feedback along with our own internal tests. That is, to ensure that Bard’s actions are of the highest standard for safety & quality. Furthermore, the sanity in real-world situations.”

The glitch was discovered just moments before that Paris launch. At which the chief executive Prabhakar Raghavan said. Definitely, that the users will be able for interaction with data in “entirely different ways”.


Raghavan gave a talk on Bard this week. Thus, as the next generation of company. Also, told the audience that with artificial intelligence that is generative. “The only limit to the search is the imagination of you.”

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Google has been scurrying around the last few weeks. Obviously, in order to improve its search results. Yes, we are talking about search results, that led to the announcement made yesterday to be made in a hurry. Furthermore, the embarrassing mistake of making a mistake during the demonstration.” Explained Gil Luria, senior software analyst at DA Davidson, an investment bank.

As of at the moment of writing the ad had been seen by users on Twitter. That is, more than 1 million times.

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