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Earthquake in Turkey & Syria Resulted In Deaths In Thousands


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KAHRAMANMARAS, Turkey/DAMASCUS on February 6 , A massive earthquake caused the deaths of more than 3,700 people across a vast region of Turkey. Also, northwest Syria on Monday, with frigid winter weather adding to suffering of those who were injured or homeless. Apart from being homeless, hindering efforts to locate survivors.


The magnitude 7.8 earthquake caused the collapse of entire apartments in Turkish cities. In addition to this, inflicted more destruction on the millions of Syrians. People, who were forced to flee their homes by the years of conflict.

It struck at dawn in the harsh weather. It was followed later in the afternoon by a second large quake.

In Diyarbakir in southeast Turkey, a woman sitting next to the wreckage of the seven-storey building in which she was a resident told the media: “We were shaken like the cradle of a child. We had nine people in the house. Two of my sons remain in the rubble. I’m still waiting for them.”

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She was nursing a broken leg. Also, she was suffering from facial injuries.

“It was similar to the apocalypse,”” claimed Abdul Salam al-Mahmoud, a Syrian living in the northern town of Atareb. “It’s extremely cold. In addition to this, heavy rain is falling and people have to be saved.”


This earthquake was the largest recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey. Since, an earthquake located in the distant South Atlantic in August 2021.

In Turkey the death toll was 2,316 in the country. The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) stated this was the most deadly earthquake since 1999. Thus, when a tremor of the same magnitude in 1999 destroyed the densely populous east Marmara Sea region. A place near Istanbul which killed over 17,000.

There were at least 1,444 people killed in Syria during the quake on Monday. Further, around 3,500 were wounded. Thus, according to estimates from the Damascus government and rescue personnel in the northwestern region. Obviously, which is ruled by rebels.

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Insufficient internet connectivity and damaged roads that connect some of the most affected cities in Turkey’s southern region. Obviously, which are home to thousands of residents, impeded efforts to analyse and mitigate the effects.

In some regions, temperatures could drop to temperatures that could reach freezing overnight. Thus, creating more difficult conditions for those trapped in rubble or who are left homeless. The rain fell Monday following storms of snow that swept across the country over the weekend.

More than 13,000 victims have been injured across Turkey by the earthquake:

Within the Turkish town of Iskenderun. The rescuers took on a huge pile of rubble which was once the state hospital’s intensive care unit to find survivors. Health workers did all they could to attend to the new influx with injured patients.

“We are dealing with a patient that was admitted to surgery. However, we aren’t sure the circumstances,” said Tulin, aged in her 30s. Furthermore, standing in the hallway of at the medical centre. Also, wiping her tears while praying.

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan, who is gearing up for a gruelling elections in the month of May. He has called the earthquake a historical disaster. Furthermore, the biggest earthquake to strike this country in the past since 1939. But, said that authorities did everything they could to help.

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“Everyone is dedicating their soul and heart into the cause. But, the cold winter weather, and the earthquake occurring at night make things harder,” he said.

The second earthquake was large enough to slam down additional buildings. In addition to this, just like the first. It was felt throughout the area. Thus, putting at risk rescuers trying to rescue victims out of the debris.

In Syria which is already devastated over the course of more than 11 years in civil conflict. The health ministry reported that 711 people were killed. In the Syrian rebel-held northwest. The emergency personnel claimed that 733 people were dead.

According to the United Nations says 4.1 million people. Also, including many forced to relocated by the conflict. Furthermore, in camps are already dependent on aid for humanitarian assistance. That is, in the northwest of Syria. As well as, international support efforts that are overstretched and unfunded.


“Syrian communities are also being struck by an ongoing cholera outbreak. As well as, harsh winter conditions. Such as, heavy snow and rain during weekends,” U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters in New York.

In the government-controlled city of Aleppo. A footage on Twitter showed two neighbouring buildings collapsing one after the other. Thus, filling streets with blowing dust.

Two inhabitants of the city, which was severely damaged during the conflict. Also, told the city’s buildings fell within the first few hours. Thus, following the quake that occurred as in Cyprus as well as Lebanon.

In the Syrian city, which is a government-controlled one, Hama. The Reuters journalist witnessed a seemingly dead child being dragged out of the rubble of a house.


In the town in Jandaris within Aleppo province of Aleppo. A heap of steel rods, concrete and clothes bundles was erected where a tall building was once situated.

“There were twelve families under the umbrella. But, there was not a single family that was seen. Unfortunately, there was not one.” said a thin man, with his eyes wide open in shock, his hand was bandaged.

Raed al-Saleh of the Syrian White Helmets. A rescue service operating in rebel-held areas that is known for its ability to rescue individuals from the wreckage of destroyed buildings caused through air attacks. He stated that they had been engaged in “a battle against the clock to help those trapped beneath piles of rubble”.

Syrian state TV showcased rescue teams searching for survivors amid stormy weather and sleet. President Bashar al-Assad called an emergency cabinet meet in order to assess the damages. On top of this, discuss the future steps his office announced.

Within the Turkish town of Diyarbakir. The Reuters journalists saw hundreds of rescuers looking through a pile of rubble. Obviously, which was all that remains of a large structure. Further, then removing fragments of wreckage. As they searched for the survivors. Sometimes, they lifted their hands and asked for silence. Also, listening for the sounds of life.


U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke by phone with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Monday about the earthquake, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said.

The call was made “in in the beginning” to express condolences and ensure clear…that whatever Turkey wanted that we could offer. They should take the phone and inform us,” Price said Erdogan declared that 45 countries have offered to assist in the rescue and search effort in Turkey.

The earthquake also caused a halt to operations at Turkey’s export port in Ceyhan. Furthermore, also stopped the flow of crude coming from Iraq as well as Azerbaijan.

The Turkish Lira reached an all-time low of 18.85 in the early hours of trading and the stock market of the country fell about 5%. However, the losses were trimmed later on, as the currency finished the day unchanged as equity indexes closed 1.3%-2.2 0.3% lower.

Within the Turkish capital city Malatya in the city of Malatya, a rescuer was able to crawl into a building that had collapsed and tried to locate an individual. Someone, who had been trapped in the debris, as shown in footage shared by the emergency agency AFAD.

“What shade of color do you wear? Do you wear pink? Please take care of your health at the moment, I don’t know what else to do,” the rescue worker was heard to say.

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