Business trips can quickly become stressful. With planes to catch, meetings to attend and emails to keep up with, most business travelers look forward to some well-deserved, peaceful moments in their hotel room at the end of a long day. But what if your business trip could actually reward you with something more than that? As you face many options when it comes to booking a hotel, there are several reasons to choose a hotel that can maximize your business trip with a loyalty program.

EARN   PERKS  AND  EVEN  FREE while you work… and while you sleep!

With a loyalty program like Choice Hotels’ Choice Privileges program, you can earn points with every stay that you can use for dining, shopping, or gas. Rack up a few more points, and you can even earn free nights to use for a family vacation, or your next business trip! Whether you travel frequently or just once in awhile, there’s nothing like knowing that your hard work and time spent away from home is earning you great perks


Look for simplicity. No commitment or long forms is best – no need to add more paperwork to a business trip. With Choice Privileges, you can even sign-up at checkout and get rewarded for that stay!

Look for flexibility, such as programs

that offer free nights for fewer points at varying locations or the ability to redeem your points for other perks like gift cards. To find out more about Flex Rewards, and to set Your Extras and get a little something extra for mid-week stays, visit


Besides earning points for future use and taking advantage of a loyalty program, you can also earn savings that go straight into your pocket. Choice Hotels offers a lower rate to RMA/MBBP members when booking using the assigned codes. For additional information about rate codes, please contact