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The trends in hospitality business & hotel industry has changed the industry to a huge extent. This is primarily due to the magical involvement of technology. Apart from the technology, its innovation in the hospitality business that makes it standout. Hence, both has been the cause of some major changes lately in the industry. Regards to the lavishness and richness, realisations have been made along with these changes. As well as the class factors, and being conscious in terms of the international industry standards. This is about pure customer satisfaction and support. Hence, involving all frontiers for maximum improvisation and customer support.

As part of the Green practices energy efficiency has played a major role internationally. Hence, while improving the aspects that really are worthwhile for saving energy measures. These includes energy efficient systems installed in the modern hotels. Mainly, for cost savings and saving energy, i.e. sustainability aspects. Considered as a major prime concern are the sustainability measures, i.e. in the hospitality business esp. in North America. On top of this, Canada is up to the challenge in diverse ways. Canada has proved everyday with the help of improved and standardised steps to the world. Hence, these are incremental steps regards to the energy efficiency measures taken nationwide.

These steps includes from communications and guest experience. Finally, to cost savings through energy efficiency. Apart from these, from revenue opportunities to more enhanced methods of operations.


Found to be the most important hospitality trends is the use of mobile technology integrated in the high profile hospitality industry. These includes useful and advanced innovations. Examples includes, remote check-ins & room reservations. As well as mobile room keys one of the most common ones.

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In some of the highly rated and large hotel chains. Surprisingly, the guests can even use their mobiles for elevator floor selection. Hence, the guests can also control their room lighting, opening & closing the curtains. On top of these, playing music, or selection of a Television program.


The hotel industry is not an exception as ‘big data’ is the heart of technology. Maintenance of database is highly essential with every aspect of guest hotel experiences. For the sake of future usage, analysis and for the collection and storing info. The customer’s data varies from customer loyalty programs & the price comparisons. Also, location, and booking data, all used to develop valuable insights.

The dynamic data is maintained on HMS, i.e. Hotel Management system. Ironically, found to be a useful CRM system for maintenance of customer’s records. On top of this for managing and storing their liking preferences. A software that significantly helps in the daily maintenance of records of key outstanding customers.

These information can be used by the hospitality managers in several ways. These ways includes;

  • Target marketing with more effective measures for regular customers. This is through identification of the key demographics. Furthermore, best opportunities to reach them in diverse ways.
  • The identification of trends in customer satisfaction. This is through the gathering of feedback from social media. Also includes, review sites, and the guest queries about any services.
  • Helps in the developing of potential partnerships with several other businesses. As an example these includes Travel Agents, the local taxi firms and nearby restaurants and bars.
  • The tracking of competitors and see what they are offering. Hence, finally their standings with regards to their rivals.

ENERGY EFFICIENT SYSTEMS- ‘Intelligent Buildings in Hospitality Industry’:

The usage of energy efficient systems in modern hotels has changed the course of things. Furthermore, has emerged as a high profile trend-setter. This especially relates to the saving energy and costs. Furthermore, as well as being part of the sustainable developments in the hospitality industry. According to a survey by a Market Research Firm Nielsen. A huge 82% of millennial had an opinion in favour of sustainability. They said that they were willing to pay extra for sustainability reasons and for energy efficiency.

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Hence, with the dynamic increase in sustainable developments. There has been an increase in energy efficient systems in buildings all over Canada. Example includes, dynamic systems with use of motion sensors. In addition to this, temperature control systems that are very useful in Canada. Other energy efficient options includes LED Lighting, OLED T.V’s, Key Card and controlled lights. Also includes, energy efficient laundry machines that saves money considerably. Saving energy is a good business sense in every way. Hence, especially from marketing perspective and definitely due to sustainable reasons.

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