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CRM also known as ‘Customer Relationship Management’ is an information system that is used to store customer information. Furthermore, other customized details regards to the customer’s info. The system is used effectively worldwide in various booming industries. Hence, especially in the hospitality industry. This is especially with incredible and defined effects. As the name goes, ironically it helps in making good relationships with customers. Importantly, regards to their need analysis and their personal likes and dislikes.

Why managing relationships is important in hospitality industry? A question that obviously needs no answer. Hence, as it is ironic that hospitality industry’s success is based on marketing & managing relationships with old customers. This is eagerly while taking care of customer preferences. An effective CRM system strategy helps in this motive as it focuses on the respective needs of the customers. Especially, those who can be classified in various types in the hospitality industry. The industry is a huge one in Canada, and holds certain dependencies that needs taking care of. Thus, apart from the likes and dislikes of people. CRM systems are also used as monitoring tools that helps in giving customers their attractive deals and repulsive offers. For example, discounts and offers are made to customer for a holiday suite. This is based on the number of times they have stayed in a particular hotel or a suite. It adds on to their preferences. Hence,  automatically that they are a regular customer who deserve their share of discounts and offers.

Below are some of the ways and how the hotel CRM is used effectively in the hospitality industry;


The CRM system being active in the hospitality industry provides a centralized hub. A hub which is the core for all the central business activities. It is a comprehensively designed software that provides a very systematic collection. Moreover, of all the relevant information i.e. financial, historical and conversational etc. This is precisely turned into a centralized database. Therefore, with this repository the customers can be categorized and segmented to the liking of each user involved.

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The data access within a hospitality CRM Solution is accessed. In addition to this, entered in real-time. However, duplicate data or in-accurate data is a non-issue with a CRM solution in place.      


It helps a great deal in enhancing the customer experience, i.e. making them feel important in their own eyes. It also helps them want to come back to the same hotel. Hence, as their decision is based purely on customer liking and satisfaction aspects.

Therefore, in the hospitality industry the customer satisfaction is a key difference between a successful hotel. In addition to this, a decaying one. CRM systems also have access to influential marketing automation tools. These are tools that includes e-mail marketing and e-mail designing modules. Furthermore, tools that are designed to make marketing much easier and more effective.


An effective CRM system helps a great deal in the hotel loyalty aspects. While according to the point of view of hotel management and Board of Directors. Hence, it is effective indeed in customer retention aspects.

Retaining a good customer is a huge preference for those who believe in ‘Relationship Marketing’. Apart from this, retaining their customers while giving them the satisfaction they need. With the beneficial marketing information tactics also comes the ability to personalise customer details and the marketing initiatives. Thus, while at the same time increasing the ability to foster loyalty and also build customer retention.

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