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Health Benefits Of Vacation For Employees-bringing Improvement At Work


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There are a number of health benefits that are associated w.r.t. taking holidays & vacations on a much regular basis. Holidays and vacations taken regularly are a huge upgrade in increasing the concentration levels at work. Hence, as well as reducing the levels of stress. This is stress related to job and work pressures that can arise if you are a workaholic. Alternatively, you tend to involve yourself in activities related to work more than an average employee. As an employee taking a handsome salary package, you take the work pressures every day and tend to focus more efficiently on the demands of staying at work much more proactively.

With regards to the demands of the workplace it is mandatory that as an employee you regularly go for summer or winter vacations. Visiting your favourite place or a historical city. Alternatively, a medieval town will definitely make you much more relaxed at the workplace. Hence, while sticking to the workplace norms it’s a necessity that you relax and absorb work pressures much more easily.

According to the rules and regulations applied in most MNC’s, i.e. multinationals it is mandatory to take holidays regularly. Your focus at work should be the prime objective. Something, which can be easily achieved via taking vacations to your favourite holiday destinations. A road-trip to the country-side while seeing the gorgeous landscapes will really help you relax. In addition to this, focus later at work in better ways. Your emphasis is work and your work patterns shouldn’t get disturbed due to late sittings. Furthermore, extra hours doing office work at home & finally taking work pressures, apart from pressures at home. A vacation always counts in multiple ways due to the amount of leisure activity that relaxes your mind & body.


Studies have shown that vacations have many health benefits associated with cardiovascular problems and risk to heart diseases or cardiac arrest.

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A trial followed by 12,000 men over a period of almost a decade, precisely 9.5 years that had a high risk for coronary heart disease. This multiple risk factor intervention trial was conducted by the National Institutes of Health’s Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. The research study found that any such men who take very frequent annual vacations. These were 21.5% less likely to die from any cause and were 31% more likely to die from heart disease. These are readings and research for those who have heart issues. Apart from the heart issues, they have high risk of coronary heart disease.

Another trail conducted by the landmark Framingham Heart Study, which is the largest and the longest-running study of CV, i.e. cardiovascular disease. The study revealed that men who didn’t take a vacation for several years were 30% more likely to have heart attacks. Hence, as compared to men who took vacations or time-off.



Vacations decreases the stress levels and the employees feel more comfortable in terms of health benefits. As according to APA, i.e. American Psychological Association concluded that vacations work very well for mental well-being. Especially, to reduce stress by removing people from activities and environments that tend to be sources of stress. For example over work or being a workaholic is a huge source of increased stress levels for dedicated employees. Hence, according to another Canadian study from a sample of 870 lawyers found that taking regular vacations helped alleviate job stress. Ironically, as lawyers are working in an environment that is a huge source of stress. Furthermore, they are on a very regular basis occupied with work pressures. Apart from the work pressures, court hearings and technicalities and disturbances at the workplace. All these pressures are usually taken for granted but can result in cardiac issues if not taken care of. The best remedy is to take regular breaks in form of vacations to places that you love to go.


According to a study conducted by Ernst & Young as an internal study on their employees. They found that for each additional 10 hours of vacation employees took. Obviously, their year-end performance ratings improved a huge 8%. However, even the frequent vacationers were less likely to leave the firm. Another similar research conducted by Boston Consulting Group found that the high-level professionals who were required to take time off. Ironically, were significantly more productive overall than those who spent more time at work. The increase in productivity levels also increases the overall job satisfaction aspects. Therefore, taking vacations on a much more regular basis is indeed a mandatory requirement in terms of the health benefits. Especially, for those who tend to take regular work pressures all year.


A road trip that’s worthwhile is the best road-trip as it is one of your corporate requirements. Don’t forget your family time and the regular outings that are a necessary ingredient to diffuse workplace tensions. It also helps in the long run for a refined career. Hence, as it makes you feel relaxed while you make an aim for your next road trip. Just find out the best outdoor spots near your city. In addition to this, plan for a road-trip to ease the ups and downs at the workplace. Something that will make your aims for the new year more sustainable and more realistic with higher energy levels.

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