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Valentine Day Celebrations & Businesses That Will Profit From The Day


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The Valentine Day 2022 will be falling this year on the 14th of February. Ironically, as it has been following with consistency since many years. It is followed mostly as a symbolic day in the West as it originated from United States. In many other countries especially in Asia it is followed not as part of the traditional events. But, as part of events and celebrations that are inspired from the Western cultures and ideologies. There is a history associated with the Valentine Day and its patron saint known as St. Valentine. Just because of this day February is known as the month of romance and people celebrate it traditionally. Particularly, by giving cards and gifts to those they love or have a crush on. It’s a day where you can express your feelings and emotions to those you love. Furthermore, would love to live possibly as a life partner. Hence, it is popularly known as the ‘Day of Romance’ as love is a feeling and an emotion that doesn’t need a single day to be expressed. However, still it needs a day to be celebrated and remembered.

There are some commercial and business values attached with Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, these days it is practically practised in all the parts of the world. These values are more or less commercial values. Hence, as Valentine Day is used mostly for the sake of marketing and promotional activities as well as music events and parties that are just for the sake of Valentine’s Day. Cupid, the Roman God of love according to the Greek mythology is mostly worshipped on this day. Especially, in different forms of expressing the best and most admirable feelings of love.

In addition to United States, it is celebrated in Canada, Mexico. In addition to these nations includes, United Kingdom, France and Australia. However, in Great Britain Valentine’s Day began to be popularly celebrated around the 17th century.


There are many businesses that might be known as seasonal or some that can transform their business activities into being seasonal. These are businesses that can profit most from the Valentine’s Day in form of activities and events.

  • Musical Performance:
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    It is indeed a huge opportunity for those who love musical performances as the best expression of love is through music. There are a lot of clubs, bars and restaurants that usually offer valuable opportunities for people. These are people who are talented and have an intention to show their talent through music. The idea is creativity and making music that is a true language of love and the soul. Especially, in the West these professionals and professions can benefit from the day. Hence, while making it commercially more valuable.

  • Jewellery Business:

    The Jewellery business is yet another business that has got immense commercial values attached on this day. People, especially celebs, use this occasion to gift expensive jewellery to their most loved ones, i.e. girl-friends or wife. A jewellery is one of the best gestures used by people on this day. Furthermore, it is a celebration in itself. Also seen as a status symbol while depicting elegance and class. You can even venture into buying and selling necklaces, bracelets, and rings of variable prices to suit the pockets of your markets. An example is Jenny Bird, a Canadian Jewellery brand who uses Valentine’s Day with great offers. On top of this, it represents Canada’s commercial values for the day in a unique sort of way.

  • Pastry Making:

    Another famous eating item that is sold most on this day are the pastries. It is truly a day that provides the sweets to the sweethearts. Therefore, if you are good in making delicious treats. Furthermore, know well how to present them in different attractive packages. You should be making good profits on the Valentine’s Day. As we know well that social media is already full of the pastry makers, peddling their wares to prospective valentine day’s customers.

There are many other businesses that can make desirable profits on this day. That is, a day full of celebrations and being enthusiastic. These includes decorations and events organising companies. These are companies that have a low budget, but can make huge profits just on the Valentine’s Day. As a matter of fact for some people the day holds huge importance levels. While for some others, it’s not just that important. Having said that, it’s true that Valentine’s Day’s commercial values have been more than it used to be in past years. The credit goes to social media and the power of electronic media. Obviously, these are medias that has marketed the event with values of romance and love. It’s the adorable feeling of love that needs no boundaries or languages to be expressed. However, but still it needs a cute Valentine’s Day card.

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