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Ontario is a province that is improving everyday with respect to health facilities. As well as, tech advancements that relates to improving health of patients. Similar to this, Burlington has launched a mobile app for much improved and better connections of the OHT or Ontario Health Team with their patients. Health apps are a common thing these days. However, how well they can correspond to the needs of people is the most important aspect. It provides 24/7 access to localised health care and social services in Halton. Known technically as Burlington Health Navigation app. Hence, it is the first of its kind in the whole province Ontario. Furthermore, acts as a single access point to a wide variety of community providers.

The benefits associated with a health app includes timeliness in business operations. In addition to this, better connectivity of the patients to their needs. Finally, organised & disciplined services apart from the responsiveness. It’s for the sake of patient’s convenience aspects. Importantly, so that they don’t take all the time in the world to look out for what they are looking for. The app is available on Google and Apple Pay store as from the marketing point-of-view it’s indeed a revolution. Especially, with regards to the fusion of technology with medicine & health services. It can very easily help the residents find a family doctor & mental health services. On top of these, the hospital care, addiction services, chronic disease support, social connection & palliative care. Alternatively, access indigenous and LGBTQ + resources.

Just like the health and fitness apps that are so popular amongst the famous health apps. This app is becoming very popular amongst the residents of Ontario. It is also a step forward towards creating a powerful bridge between technology & medicine, i.e. health services. Time is always a key factor while handling the health issues effectively.


The development of this app began in the month of May this year. Hence, the goals and aims of the Ontario Health Team, also known as OHT is to increase the focus. Vitally, on the health needs of patients in the region of Burlington. The mission is to keep improving and improvising the app known as Health Navigator App by OHT. Especially, to build more content and access to services. Also, the aim is to avoid situations where the patients have tendency to expire. Most importantly, to avoid situations where they can develop the capacity to get into a difficult or highly unwanted medical scenario. According to the President & The CEO of Joseph Brant Hospital. The development of this Health Navigator App and the website is a huge milestone. Most importantly, for Ontario Health Team, i.e. OHT regards to health activities in Ontario province. It will be a huge boost of technology and the digital age, merged with medical services.

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A famous amongst the people linked with sports activities in Ontario province as it can help them reduce their injuries or otherwise act immediately regards to injuries. Services provided through app are fast, reliable and for people prone to injuries like sportsperson it’s indeed a huge blessing. Obviously, highly linked up with the blessings of the internet.

Similar to fast and easy access to the emergency services that includes Police, Ambulance, and Fire & Safety. The health apps are coping up every day with the trends. Ironically, the motive is handling of emergency situations with a far more technological know-how. Hardly anyone is not having a phone these days, and having a good idea of what the app provides will definitely improve the situation handling time.


With everyday advancements in the world of mobile technology and the digital world. Burlington Health Navigator App is a fresh start towards the making of a digital front door. A new opening in the world of digital media. Hence, as the digital front door scientifically combines health apps with the people for better connectivity. It’s the connection with the people that counts heavily in the world of digital media.

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